The health care debate?

I considered posting this a week ago, but had much to do to get my projects ready for the North Idaho Fair. From canning, to crafting, to needlework and then baking; I was really rather busy. But, there were certain revelations that I definitely kept in mind for the moment when I would have a few free moments.  Betsy McCoy was invited onto “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” at one point last week.  She brought with her the over 1,000 page health care reform package and planned to point out to the comedian host 1 page and only 1 section on that page, the one that involved end of life care.  When a comedian has to point out hyperbole and misrepresentation to an individual who was at the point of hysteria on this particular health issue; well, Ms. McCoy wasn’t representing her positions very well.  And what I did hear, was turning what has been a well known and existing over a long period of time living will into a new Medicare funded provision.  And Ms. McCoy called this a “troubling problem.”  I guess it is now if you are a GOP type out to take revenge on the Dems for having won majorities in the last election.  Otherwise, what was wrong with it?  I listened with interest, I heard what was said.  I also heard all that Ms. McCoy didn’t want to discuss.  She was literally flipping out.

Onward to Gary Crooks’ “Smart Bombs” also found published this morning in the Spokesman-Review where he discussed the protests of the Democratic generated health care reform bill and went from there to discussing the unnecessary tests, too much medication and other issues that helped break the system let alone yours and my wallets.  An interesting and enlightening read.  But until “Smart Bombs” most letters to the editors don’t even touch on what Crooks researched.  One more reason why we need health reform badly.

Then in the Coeur d’Alene Press Readers Write section published this Wednesday 26 August 2009 a letter from Gene Lammon.  He claims that the Dems are sending union thugs around to beat people into submission who protest the new Dem health care plan.  Oh?  With a video to prove it.  Apparently, the fellow doesn’t realize that videos can be staged and be turned viral on the internet.  But if something that grotesque and outrageous had happened, wouldn’t it also have appeared on the news?  Say KREM 2 News?  I don’t get to watch much evening news for having some pretty solid night shifts.  However, union goons running around clobbering the elderly for shouting down members of Congress should have appeared on the news casts if they had occurred.  I had heard of brawls.  But I had not heard of goon squads engaging in “fascist” behavior.  But, I have seen plenty of “protests” making that claim about “Obamacare.”  Indeed, they get front page news.

I have read Kathleen Parker and Leonard Pitts who represent both sides of the issue with fairly reasoned debate.  Neither individual reported on any claims that protesters were getting beaten to a pulp for disagreeing with the reform package.  So excuse me if the truly gullible fall for something that isn’t verified and get a sympathetic audience from a newspaper editor who doesn’t bother researching the facts either.  What is questionable gets published, period.

On the other side of the coin, a retired pastor lost a sister to what I’ll assume was a ruptured appendix.  It went untreated because the woman in question wanted to assured of her insurance coverage first before she saw a doctor.  Given what an untreated ruptured appendix can do to include proving fatal; the retired pastor made about the best case for health care reform that all the misinformation, misrepresentation, hysteria, gun toting and etc. can’t persuade against.  But unfortunately, even though the retired pastor did have an opportunity to speak out, his voice can be easily drowned out by the Gene Lammon’s of this world.  Letting an ugly sort of hate take the place of why we need this reform at all.


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  2. Spokane Al Says:

    Of course if you wish to base a discussion on one antidotal example, here are a few from the much lauded British medical care system.

    • 63 births in ambulances and 608 in transit to hospitals;
    • 117 births in A&E departments, four in minor injury units and two in medical assessment areas;
    • 115 births on other hospital wards and 36 in other unspecified areas including corridors;
    • 399 in parts of maternity units other than labour beds, including postnatal and antenatal wards and reception areas.

    Additionally, overstretched maternity units shut their doors to any more women in labour on 553 occasions last year.

    Babies were born in offices, lifts, toilets and a caravan, according to the Freedom of Information data for 2007 and 2008 from 117 out of 147 trusts which provide maternity services.

    One woman gave birth in a lift while being transferred to a labour ward from A&E while another gave birth in a corridor, said East Cheshire NHS Trust.

    Others said women had to give birth on the wards – rather than in their own maternity room – because the delivery suites were full.

    Tory health spokesman Andrew Lansley, who obtained the figures, said Labour had cut maternity beds by 2,340, or 22 per cent, since 1997. At the same time birth rates have been rising sharply – up 20 per cent in some areas.

    Mr Lansley said: ‘New mothers should not be being put through the trauma of having to give birth in such inappropriate places.

    I also saw the Daily Show that you reference. I suspect it could be a tad difficult, no matter what one’s political persuasion, to discuss issues with a comedian who strives hard to keep sliding in one liners to entertain his audience. For example another recent show had the author of Born to Run as a guest and he had the same challenges in making his mostly benign points over Stewart’s love of the zinger.

  3. jeh15 Says:

    We aren’t discussing Great Britain, dude or Canada. American health care has been discussed by such locals as Gary Crooks, on such local blogs as found at the Spokesman-Review online. We aren’t discussing whether British health care or Canadian health care is a broken system. We aren’t discussing whether American health care reformed should indeed be modeled after Canadian health care, British health care or anything found in Europe. We need to discuss what is going wrong here in America and what we can do to improve it.

    Deflecting to the problems of other countries does nothing to resolve very serious issues here. That has to include, Spokane Al, people dying needlessly in hospitals here in this nation. And just how many babies have been born in cars, elevators and etc. here in this country? Long before Great Britain became a “canary in a coal mine” for why we don’t want health care reform, just what hospital policy changes happened here in this country that had women leaving in a day or so after child birth? Seems to me that a hospital that would force a woman to recover at home without assuring that her recovery from such an ordeal was without complications; isn’t in fact doing what it should be doing. And indeed, wants to shovel patients OUT the door as fast as it shovels them in. Didn’t know any of the above? It was only in the news a few years ago.

  4. Gene Lammon Says:

    Wednesday 26 August 2009 I wrote a letter to the press about the THE SEIU UNION beating a black health care protestor so bad he ended up in the hospital. Here’s the video site again. Copy and paste it and you will see what I’m talking about. You probably dismissed my letter without even watching the video. Its not staged my friend. The reason you didn’t see it on the elite media is because it shows Obama supporters in a bad light. If you haven’t figured it out yet the media is still slobbering over Obama and his lousy Obamacare. If the dems in congress won’t accept this inferior plan why should we. This is to the other person that suggests that the Gene lammon’s of the world are drowning out the voice for reform. I know we need reform but its not government run health care. If you think my outrage is hate you are wrong. The hate is coming from the people trying to push this lousy Obamacare. That is where the hate is coming from!!

  5. jeh15 Says:

    Mr. Lammon, nice of you to drop by. Should you check back you will see that your comment is approved and that you can like Spokane Al comment here at any time. But when you do, be prepared to hear as well what I have to say.

    I know exactly where the hate is coming from, it is from guys like yourself. First of all, I think you can’t stand the fact that the Democrats won last November, second of all, you can’t stand the fact that for the first time in history a man of mixed race became president of the U.S. and third but not least, you can’t stand what the vast majority decision by the voters was that they wanted a vast and drastic change in the political landscape or they wouldn’t have voted the way they did.

    And so, because of what you couldn’t stand, you now engage in extreme paranoia; you are hyperbolic about various issues esp as it concerns health care. Any major reforms with respect to health care and it is denigrated as “Obamacare.”

    Let’s put it bluntly, anything coming from TEA Party groups I’ll immediately take with a grain of salt. Because the whole idea is that they WANT to show Obama in a bad light in order to win one for his GOP opponent by 2012. So?

    Reading letters to the editors as found recently in the Spokesman-Review, Mr. Lammon, people carrying signs calling for Obama’s assassination is supposed to put “your side” in a good light? Instead of adding to the hysteria I’d say a pox on BOTH of your houses.

    We do need a major overhaul in health care just what the ultimate package will become has not yet been decided. But under the circumstances, unless you are a very wealthy dude Mr. Lammon who can jet out of country any time you wish to get far cheaper and quality care in a country like India, you have been living with some particularly lousy health care prior to Obama’s election to the presidency and given its excessive expense for what good it may not do you; even THIS conservative would probably be happy to live quite nicely with “Obamacare.” So, come back anytime and we’ll have some good conversations.

  6. Gene Lammon Says:

    Good Morning Jeh15
    Thanks for the response. I’m always ready to hear from people that don’t agree with me. Most people I know are consertive so I actually enjoy hearing liberal view points. From the tone of your letter you seem
    to think you really know me but your way off here. If you would have read my letter on this subject I NEVER used the word HATE. That came from you. Here’s your quote: “Letting an ugly sort of HATE take the place of why we need this reform at all.” If you knew me hate is not a word that I use. Here’s another quote from you: “I know exactly where the HATE is coming from, it is from guys like yourself.” I only used the word to let you know where the hate must be coming from.
    I knew before the election that Obama would win. Was I dissapointed,
    not really. I think our country is better for electing a black president. I
    actually like Obama. I will give you this point. I can’t stand what the
    President stands for. Instead of change we can beleive in, it’s more lies.
    I would list them all for you but it would take me all morning. About
    the Tea Parties I’ve never been to one but I have been to several rally’s
    in Berkeley to protest the Veitnam War probably before you were born.
    Protest on left or right is healthy. I did not like the negative signs when
    the left protested President Bush. I feel the same about the nasty signs
    directed at President Obama. Both sides are loaded with radicals.
    Anyway, my letter wasn’t about signs it was about a video of SEIU UNION members beating a black health care protestor so bad he ended up in the hospital. Did you bother to watch it? Here it is again.
    These radicals went way to far. A point I agree with you on is health care reform. We need it now! What the American people want is reform, not government run health care. Botton line here. Ask why democrats in congress won’t accept this inferior plan as their own health care plan. You know the answer. Elite hypocrisy. Last thing I have to say, the only extreme paranoia I have is for our ailing American Eskimo. God Bless America.

  7. jeh15 Says:

    Gene Lammon, LOL! I was born in 1954. I grew up during the Vietnam years and lost a cousin to a mine in that conflict. So, don’t ever assume I am some young person who is only talking through my hat. I am middle aged and I speak from experience.

    Sounds like you are yourself quite the liberal. Anyone who protested Vietnam given the anti-communist fervor of the era would have to be one. While I was a very young person during the Vietnam era, I did think it was appropriate that we fight the Commies and indeed I still do. Just as I have no problem carrying an appropriate fight to terrorism that exists today.

    However, Vietnam had at least two rational opponents one who did the research and pointed out that the type of South Vietnamese gvt that the U.S. was propping up was one not accepted by the rest of the populace. If there was a reason to oppose the war, would have to have been to go there for all the wrong reasons. A similar mistake being made with reference to Iraq.

    As for LIES, Mr. Lammon, you managed to live quite well with a perpetual liar over the last 8 years. That is what I find so amusing about yourself and your letter. Obama can’t be a saint and he is as human as anyone else. He isn’t and never will be perfect. Is he MORE honest to the American people? Yes. That’s why they put him in office.

    But the people who now express their HATRED of the man that the vast majority of us who voted for him put into office don’t mind themselves lying to you and everyone else. Suggest you look closer to home as to who does the lying.

    Can I agree with Obama’s health care plan to its fullest? No. Is it possible that Congress could come up with some working arrangement that over time will dramatically reform it and make it more affordable and etc.? Yes. Do I agree that health care should be part of the free market? Suggest you look at some current threads on this issue at the Spokesman-Review blogs such as or The answer is no.

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