Oh! NOW you care about granny?

When it is possible to turn the elderly into political fodder in order to win a political majority

After wading through the fluff and nonsense, the nasty attacks, the nastier signs, the screaming and shouting, that has taken the place of any open and honest “debate” on health care reform, it takes a Ms.  Kathleen Parker column to help clarify the issue.  I’ll agree with her on the current language of “end of life care” that if Medicare is required to fund it, it should be an option.  Available only if desired.  But, not mandatory.

That being said, I expect it has taken an act of Congress to even deal with an issue that has actually been going on in this nation for decades:  what happens when you are terminally ill?  Not just an “elderly burden to the family,” which I’ll also address in this blog.  Hospice sprang into existence as an advocate for compassionate “end of life” care.  Not having ever made use of their services, not knowing how much they charge, but what doesn’t enter into the debate—whether one is deliberately disrupting a townhall meeting orchestrated by members of Congress trying to let the public know what’s in the overall health care reform or carrying signs that portray Obama as “Hitler”—is whether Hospice as an “end of life care” organization could get Medicare reimbursement.  Seems we are leaving behind the organizations that might actually do some good in that mad frenzy to unseat the current Dem majority.  Let’s whip of hysteria over what one presumes is in that bill as opposed to what actually is in that bill, vague language that Ms. Parker can rationally complain about notwithstanding.  A manufactured set of myths to cause the crazies to go even wilder and then get their 15 minutes of further exposure on Fox News (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart).  But let us actually forget the actual situation that granny was facing prior to Obama becoming president.

Big Pharma can sure charge a lot for “name brand pills” for every possible “condition” under the sun; even if it is a “condition” that doctors hadn’t heard about and one literally invented by Big Pharma so that they can advertise pills that sure as hell could and will create medical problems for you if you take that “Doctor’s prescription.”  After of course being told to “ask your doctor about…”  As long as Big Pharma “was playing God,” with plenty of advertisements on TV, very expensive advertisements on TV, Cal Thomas wasn’t whining about a “health care” that would usurp God.  But then, he has been very much in the pocket of the get rich quick private sector from the beginning.  We just don’t want a “Dem majority” usurping God.  How about that “Medicare reform” that the GOP pushed through and GW signed that “usurped God?”  I guess that met with Thomas approval.  Because there sure were some wild rantings about the pills that grandma could cut in half (after the “Medicare reform” legislation passed into law, natch); or having to decide between her hundreds of dollars in medicine v her heating expenses.  Or her hundreds of dollars in medicine v her monthly food bill.  But only the (old) left was prepared to actually discuss those particular horror stories, but not the GOP.  While the GOP were in the majority, granny was left to fare the best she could (or not) on her own.  As for Medicare itself, it was an “entitlement” that many a GOP (writing letters to the editor) would rather not pay into.  Even though (like Social Security) they would stand to benefit from such taxation in their elderly years.  In short, “screw granny.”  That is, until “granny” could become useful as a means by the GOP to become a majority party by 2010.  The problem now however, is that it has quite simply gotten out of hand.  Especially when a guy carrying a real threat, a loaded pistol, visits a townhall meeting and then gets featured on Fox News.  The GOP helped break the health care system in this nation by declaring that it was a “for profit” private enterprise and part of the “free market.”  That they don’t want to see changed at all.  But the other problem is, because health care has become a for profit private enterprise, the “death panels” already exist, rationed care already exists; and this nation has only been living with that fact for years.  (With reference to the Spokesman Review blogs.)  It just has never entered the “public radar” until the GOP exploited it for the purposes regaining power.

Consider organ donation, who decides if your grand dad might get a liver transplant?  Bet he could be on a “waiting list” forever until the day he dies.  On a very expensive dialysis machine until the day he dies.  On the other hand, a retired head of corporation with lotsa moolah could step to the head of the line and gets the liver that your grand dad died waiting for.  That looks very “death panel” from here.  Strange that this just never gets discussed by the GOP and the frenzies that they just had to whip into mad fury at the various townhall meetings.  How would I know about the preceding?  The news, of course.  You could indeed apply a “Hitler” face all right, and it would correctly find its way to the free market.  The situation is, the GOP had to know all about what was going on prior to Obama’s election, prior to the Dems gaining a super majority in Congress, and refused to gnash their teeth over it.  After all, private enterprise, “the free market;” that was where they were really at as to party platform and etc.  Until the situation they actually agreed with prior to Obama becoming president and began enacting health care reform could be exploited to destroy any valid attempts at reform and keep already existing “death panels” (for profit in the private sector) and rationed care (courtesy of “health insurance companies”) firmly in their grip.  And your granny can go on suffering.

Now as to the “burdensome elderly.”  Don’t we already have nursing homes for the “burdensome elderly?”  Haven’t they proven highly spendy?  Has there not been puhlenty of horror stories about such facilities?  One could read and watch the news about how much God is usurped when it comes to this issue as well.  But until the GOP could exploit the “burdensome elderly” on the national stage…  You just didn’t see them wasting one breath on the matter.

I regard what the GOP are doing as the worst sort of cynical exploitation and they need to be exposed for having done so.  Speaking of socialism and communism; looks like the GOP are doing just fine as the new lefties making every use of all elements thereof.

Joe Heller cartoon republished in the 13 August 2009 Spokesman-Review, the GOP shackled to the following:  the birther movement, the townhall disruption movement, and the “Christian” crazies shouting that Obama is a Muslim socialist.  Asking for Bill Clinton’s assistance to free them from the kind of people that they only catered to in trying to win elections.  Funny really, for all the intended irony.


2 Responses to “Oh! NOW you care about granny?”

  1. Spokane Al Says:

    The goal of the Democrat majority and the president was to ram through an unread, undebated bill as quickly as possible prior to the August recess so each could go home without facing their angry constituents on what they hoped was a fait accompli.

    Alas, things did not work out as planned and the concern that the government, via taking over companies and now health care is becoming too large and too onerous. And now they are forced to actually listen to the opinion, concern and comments of those same constituents and balance their own personal stake in upcoming reelections based on their position on national healthcare. And many of those congresspeople and senators are rightfully quaking and concerned.

    80% or so of Americans are happy with their present health care – when did such a large majority ever agree on anything?

    And where was the anger when these same types of angry mobs were saying and chanting and carrying offensive signs that were even worse concerning our previous president?

  2. Joan E. Harman Says:

    Spokane Al, while it can be debated that members of Congress had not read before attempting to pass the latest health care reform plan; it can’t be debated that the same people who once supported living wills and other end of life measures are also the first people to whip up hysteria, misrepresentations and etc. about this particular provision. I am about to post a new commentary to this blog and will discuss it then.

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