Health care as Waterloo? Give me a break!

There are good reasons to have some serious questions about health care reform as touted by the Obama administration. Such as its costs. Such ha-huge costs of reforming the system from the ground up. Some trillions of dollars is proposed to reduce waste, provide insurance and etc. I’d balk.  But, I sure wouldn’t play politics with people’s lives just because I (a Republican) just hate the fact that I am a minority in Congress, the Dems hold the majority and the president himself is a Dem.  I sure wouldn’t exploit the misery of patients who face the very real threat of bankruptcy just because of the escalating costs of health care alone in this nation.

Not unless I were a values challenged Republican member of Congress by the name of DeMint(?) who wants to use “health care reform” as an opportunity to get back at the damn Dem in the White House, the one who wishes to push “socialism” on the rest of us and of course “break him.”

Is that all the GOP can think to do these days?  Look for opportunities to “break” the people’s choice for president?  Then let me remind the dude of why exactly he is now among the minority.

Apparently it wasn’t “socialism” when big pharma and the major league insurance industry got the bulk of taxpayer funded “Medicare reform” while the GW administration was still in office.  Apparently, GOP in Congress didn’t really blink much of an eye when the GW administration lied to their collective faces about the ultimate cost of “Medicare reform.”  Nor did they waver in their conviction that big gvt can do great things (as long as it benefits big business after all) at the complexities of “Medicare reform” that wouldn’t have done that much to help any senior citizen who wasn’t wealthy enough to buy into it.  Well now, if it was going to cost billions to “reform” Medicare to the benefits of private enterprise; then it should come as no surprise that reforming an entire health care system would probably cost twice, maybe even 3 times as much.  But of course, the health insurance industry and big pharma aren’t the ones who necessarily get the benefits of such taxpayer funding this time.  Not if Obama wants to reorientate health care as “patient friendly.”  *shudder* That’s “socialism” that the gvt might actually be responsive to the people who demand something from it.  Can’t have that, can we now.

I can have serious questions about health care being brought under any form of gvt control.  But, as with public education; I don’t regard health care as a “consumer based” part of the “free market.”  The very fact that the GOP decided that health care could become a “for profit” type of business meant that a lot of things could happen that went wrong with the whole industry.  For example:  Insurance rates that go higher and higher.  Coverage that goes less and less.  Insurers who refuse to abide by their side of the business transaction when the prospective patient signs on the dotted line.  That is, actually pay out the necessary money when the patient gets sick or injured.  Only recently, did a fellow repeat his headaches of having to deal with insurance companies more into profits than actually doing what they were paid to do, actually provide insurance for the fellow who paid them good money for that very coverage.  Some companies were better than others.  It is because of this that health care reform could even be put on the table.

How about doctors that misdiagnose patients?  Or who won’t see you unless you have insurance money in hand?  Who can’t be bothered with providing “World Class Treatment” in a great many hospitals (where patients are known to die in the thousands each year from any number of complications)—with reference to a recent “patients united” ad?  That too would be cause to put health care reform on the table.

If I happen to have serious questions about Obama’s current plan, it is because he isn’t addressing what is crippling the system from the get-go and that is the attitude that there is a difference between being a patient and being a consumer.  No hospital is in the business of making a profit.  The money that they make from any patient able to pay the bill must go into staff, building upkeep, records, medical supplies, insurance, etc.  The idea that they must make a profit at the expense of the patient should be met with outrage.  Health care is not a business transaction.  It is not my buying a doctor’s prescription in which a $200 bottle of pills ultimately finds a large percentage of it in his, the pharmacist, the pharm company, the store that sells it, pockets.  It is not like a TV set, after all.  Once the pill bottle is emptied and must be refilled, that I am expected to again pay $200 for a refill.  $200 to keep my personal health semi-afloat.  What if I don’t have that $200 to spend?

Then do remember this; there was a time when no pharm company advertised prescription medication.  Anything that did get televised was aspirin vs that other brand.  Mouthwash vs that other brand.  Nasal decongestants vs that other brand.  Stuff that could be bought off the shelf for temporary relief.  At that time as well, health care was far more affordable than it is now.  But then, patients weren’t buying “brand names” such as Cialis or ads for Viagra with money handed over for their prescription medication.  So, give me a break.


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