After the killings

George Tiller being gunned down in his church by a hate-filled Scott Roeder. Von Brunn killing an African-American security guard at the Washington, D.C. Holocaust Museum. And within days of extremism leading to violence, the Spokesman-Review publishes “Outside voices,” of selected excerpts from various (3) newspaper editorials all attacking the violence of the last week. And Leonard Pitts, jr. Who had his own chills up the spine moments of having to recount the hatred that has led to such terrible tragedies.  You most certainly could not call it anything else.

Of one such editorial in question, the author suggested a “change in the language” in order to reduce the incidences of hate-filled violence.  Well now, wouldn’t that be nice.  However, hate-filled rhetoric that comes from the various punditry that tends to populate certain “news shows,” esp. on Fox News Channel; is how they get their ratings.  And even if (as in the case of Bill O’Reilly) were to admit that such hate-filled rhetoric as calling an abortion provider a “baby killer” before a national audience did lead to the unhinged doing something about it; I highly doubt that the O’Reillys, the Hannitys, the Savages would do anything about “changing the language.”  Why would they “drive away a customer base?”  After all, anyone who’d listen to inflamed anti- this or that rhetoric is likely to be that unfortunate percentage of the people for whom hatred of this and that has never really gone away.  And they, in the 10s of thousands, to maybe a few million strong will look for an outlet, someone willing to listen to their venting, and lead them by the nose to ever more fervent extremism.  The tip of that iceberg is ultimately violence.

By visiting various message boards, chat rooms, blogs and etc.; I do know that hatred is alive and well in this nation.  When the Spokesman-Review posted a blog about the Dr. Tiller murder and the Operation Rescue(ing themselves from boredom) reaction to it; the thread came alive with those who wished to hold the woman solely accountable for her pregnancy and the death of the fetus.  Or who couldn’t quite find it within themselves to condemn the killing of the doctor.  Or who could indeed defend the woman’s obtaining the legal abortion service.  But the thread of hatred also appeared in printed letters to the editor which the Spokesman-Review had also published in its print edition.  The 10 to 1 argument that there is something wrong with you if you defend abortion rights.  The 10 to 1 argument that even though the death of Tiller being wrong, what he did was so fundamentally worse.  The self-righteousness, how so much more I am morally superior to all the rest of you benighted souls.  But in each and every case, the claims of “moral superiority” came with a caveat.  Precisely, that even if an anti-abortionist can say that abortion for reasons not relating to medical emergencies (and in some cases rape and incest) is murder; hatred is their underlying cause toward activism.  Hatred of the woman for rising above her aloted station.  Hatred of the doctor who’d willingly perform the procedure.  Hatred of the SCOTUS decision that made the procedure legal.  And in the teachings of Christ, hatred is the same as murder.

Most assuredly, hatred led to extremist behavior. And then onto murder.  I can certainly sympathize with Pitts wishing that after the civil rights struggle it had just all gone away.  It actually never did.  Whether as this morning’s editorials pointed out, Hispanics being held responsible for the souring of the economy.  Correction:  you can’t hold them responsible for the souring of the economy; but you can most certainly hold employers of illegal aliens accountable because they prefer cheap labor to a more expensive and American work force.  Just as you could also proclaim greed as a viable factor in why much of the economy ultimately went south.  But that it took years, decades; before the economy began to crumble under the weight of it.

But instead of being honest; the hate machine would rather deflect to anyone else but the people I have advocated for, the Bernie Madoff’s who definitely “made off” with millions billions of wealthy people’s money in a Ponzi scheme that I; the advocacy of less gvt wouldn’t have cared to hear that guys like Madoff could take advantage of lax regulations.  Instead, even though guys like Madoff become a reason  for greater gvt regulation; I must fear its “socialist power.”  Even though companies such as GM made itself anti-competitive by looking to gvt to delay and delay yet again seeking out and making use of the cutting edge technology that other companies in other countries such as Japan were willing to employ to ride out ever increasing gas prices that ultimately had consumers dumping gas guzzlers and seeking fuel efficient cars; I must only fear the Obama administration that offered federal bankruptcy protection to GM.  In short, in such hatred is a real lack of soul searching.  Not the cause, not the effect, only the consequence.

Reactionary is a word found in the dictionary.  Reactionary is an opposition force.  However, while one may be a “reactionary force” to defend something, one can also be a “reactionary force” out to destroy something as well.  Reactionary being applied here to all of the above:  is a behavior or a conduct applied to a situation “after the fact.”  Not to a situation as it occurred, or is on-going, but after the fact.  After the fact of Obama becoming president, only then are tea parties held.  After the fact of Obama and a majority Democrats assume control at the federal level, only then must cries of “socialism” begin to resound from sea to shining sea.  Never mind that the other reactionaries; those who flocked to the polls in droves; tired of a broken health care system, tired of no longer being the preferred work force here in this country, tired of the wealthy getting wealthier at their expense and etc.; put the Obama administration in by a majority vote.  What does that say?

What it does say is that the 25% or less of the populace who employ extremist language hates the country, the people and the democratic process that put an African-American into the White House and a Dem majority in Congress.  That many haters.  And they were on full display during the general election of 2008.  They also lost.

The general summary of such people:  they failed to grow up.  It is solely because of them that the GOP has become a minority without an inspiring leadership.  And through their extremism, they will continue to remind people as to why they ought not vote for the party that catered to such extremism during the last 8 years.  Nor is there a moral imperative in such hate.

“Changing the language,” would need to be only one of the starting points to end such destructive behavior.  Actually accepting one’s moral obligations to one’s God, one’s spiritual leader (Christ in this case) and the rest of society would have to be the rest of those factors.  Until the O’Reilleys, the Hannitys, the Savages and etc. begin to recognize that for themselves; it ain’t gonna happen.


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