Racist and sexist

8 years ago, Judge Sonia Sotomayor made what has now become a most infamous speech, it involved these 32 words in which she described herself as a wise Latina woman who might just make decisions as a judge better than a white male. 8 years ago, that was back in 2001.  So, 8 years ago, where was Rush Limbaugh whining about the racism and sexism of this Latina and Roman Catholic judge?  (Source:  “Smart Bombs” Gary Crooks of the Spokesman-Review.)  I guess he wasn’t.  But then Judge Sotomayor wasn’t in the running for the U.S. Supreme court and the last president to nominate her to the federal bench anywhere, was a Republican by the name of George H.W. Bush.  Apparently, one can give quite a pass to Judges put on the bench by GOP presidents.

Gary Crooks mentioned in his latest “Smart Bombs” a Latino and Roman Catholic judge that the GOP wanted for SCOTUS and the Democrats protested vigorously.  Of course, the GOP made this argument that there must be something wrong with the Dems for opposing a minority for that position.  Well now,  the Democrats probably had a reason for opposing this Roman Catholic Latino judge, and it had to do with his politics. So 8 years later, Judge Sotomayor has been nominated to SCOTUS by a Democrat and abruptly her “unfortunate use of words” gets dredged up and jammed in her teeth.  Isn’t that amazing?

In the same paper, same day, a republished Kathleen Parker editorial about the same judge in question.  This time, Ms. Parker is literally chastising the wrathful among the “GOP faithful” for their particular attacks on Judge Sotomayor.  How about that, Kathleen Parker who is not known for giving much in the way of kudos to the Dems at any time, does have a few nice things to say about Obama’s pick.

I think I have my own chastisements for Limbaugh and etc.  It is this little matter of lacking in consistancy.  So, McCain lost, get over it.  White men don’t always make good decisions nor are they always wise.  After all, the last White Man to hold the highest office in the land made a known series of very bad decisions.  People who make bad decisions pretty constantly aren’t “wise.”  And when they go into denial about their bad decisions, that’s not wise either.  So, Limbaugh, are you still hurting that no matter how many tricks you pulled on the airwaves prior to 4 November 2008; McCain still lost to Obama?  Did it really flabergast Limbaugh to have misread the American mood that completely?

Kathleen Parker did mention the purveyor of white hot anger, Limbaugh as being among those who should back off on instant judging of Sotomayor.  Well, he should.  A Latino Roman Catholic who might have entered SCOTUS except for the Dems fierce opposition to his politics; and the GOP played no less than the race card when castigating the Dems for not simply caving in and fully approving a fellow despite his extreme positions, based of course on race; also have no leg to stand on when it comes to rendering a judgment on Sotomayor’s words.  According to one GOP member of the Senate declared that “she was no better than the rest of us.”  That’s quite a put down.  It suggests of the Senator that he feels utterly intimadated by that Latina Jurist.

On KREM 2 News this evening, some wild-eyed anti-abortionist took aim at a doctor who provides the procedure and killed him within his own church.  Anti-abortion=pro-death.  Guess we don’t need to see some of that God is Love rhetoric, forgiveness, leave the judgment to God as long as there is a cause.  And a reason to take a life.  Sad.  Very sad.


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