8 years before whining about deficit

Cal Thomas’ latest republished column to the Spokesman-Review. He is actually encouraging people to become tax cheats out of protest of massive deficits. Now that is one laugh a minute column if I ever saw one.  Before the people consent to pay their taxes, gvt needs to get its house in order.  Oh, wow! What I find most passing strange is that Mr. Thomas never whined about deficits, nor encouraged cheating on one’s tax form 1040, or holding tea parties in protest of massive gvt bailouts.  But then, the massive gvt bailouts were going to such companies as Haliburton that used the taxpaid out billions it received for the purposes of an Iraq war reconstruction as a slush fund to abuse however it chose.  The country of Iraq got untold millions of dollars in taxpayer funded bailouts, money received post invasion, that is not accounted for today.  But then, Thomas wasn’t about to whine during the 8 years of deficit spending of a need for a gvt to get its act together before the people should send in their tax forms because he is no doubt comfortably well to do to the point where he benefited from that bailout called tax cuts that primarily assisted those who could well afford to pay a higher tax rate.  Given the outlay of a redistribution of wealth over the last 8 years, benefiting the rich and powerful and Iraq, going from there to Congressional pork barrel spending; gvt had been out of control for a long time.  But, no one in the last 8 years suggested tea parties for deficit spending under GW Bush.  Nor insisted on becoming tax cheats until gvt got its house in order.  And Thomas could only come up with one Democrat who critiqued GW’s deficit spending, a Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D. NY) as some kind of hypocrite for failing to do the same thing about deficit spending under a Dem administration.  But if Thomas is so concerned about deficit spending today, why wasn’t he concerned about it when it spiraled out of control over the last 8 years?  Tea parties and the encouragement of tax cheating become partisan feel good activities.  But they are worse than useless when it comes to the perilous times this nation is facing today.

I can fully understand New York raising taxes on the successful.  Washington State slashing public funding to state universities and other public education.  Unemployment means that there isn’t enough tax revenue coming in to help the states keep their budgets in balance.  And the borrowing and spending spree that the gvt is currently on, to not only help keep the states above water but also to turn the employment situation around; probably isn’t enough to keep the states going by itself.  Which is why states are looking for more ways to garner more income.  But, it now stands to affect fewer people with any kind of money in their pockets.  the 8.5% unemployed, won’t have that money to provide to the states.  Foreclosed properties generate no tax revenue.  So if Rush Limbaugh threatens to leave the state of New York rather than accepting a tax hike on his annual millions of dollars in income, so be it.  He could actually afford thos taxes.  But he prefers to be a tax cheat.  Well now, has it occurred to Limbaugh that he could use his money, invest in a business and hire on X number of employees?  By doing so, he would actually get tax credits and even a small business loan.  Yeah, some of that out of control spending that has Thomas frothing so much, would be Limbaugh’s for the taking.  Oh, but he can’t do that, can he?  He’d prefer getting his millions into his hot greedy hands by being a blowhard.  Rather than becoming the success that also puts people back to work.  As for Donald Trump being a “success,” seems he has his own money management woes.  Which Thomas, incidentally couldn’t be bothered with recalling.

It just may be that Thomas couldn’t be bothered with inciting tax rebellions over the last 8 years because the last administration was all about feeding the greed.  Now when it comes time to dig this nation out of the financial mess it is in as a consequence and a result of feeding the greed, Thomas doesn’t believe in pitching in and sacrificing.

In other news, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric revealed an interesting item concerning those financial institutions that got TARP money.  No doubt to include Capital One that has demanded more and more money out of my wallet in the hundreds of dollars more, even though they were already recipients of thousands of dollars in payments over the last 2 years.  Where bank cards had originally not called for an annual fee to include Aspen Card Services, suddenly certain card distributing companies began demanding a hundred dollar or better annual fee, to include Aspen card services.  I had no idea that Aspen might have gotten TARP because it was never in the news.  But having seen this late in the day revelation, looks like Aspen might just have, at that.  And as for ATM fees, suddenly those same banks to include Bank of America want to squeeze even harder those customers who do not happen to hold accounts at that particular bank.  Really?

Those banks and other financial institutions engaged in bad business practices=fraud.  And I shall certainly include Capital One among the financial institutions that engaged in fraud.  Now that they got all that money from the U.S. Taxpayers, now they are going to insist on making the taxpayers pay again for the bailouts those financial institutions received.  Seems to me that tea party goers and Thomas’ proposed tax cheats misdirect their wrath.  They should hold their tea parties in full sight of bank tellers and leave shreds of form 1040s on the floor.  Or populate the front lawns of bank executives who still seem to believe that the age of greed hasn’t yet come to an end.  After all, these same financial institutions demanded taxpayer’ assistance in the first place to keep from failing.  Then again, why didn’t they stick to the sort of practices both cautious and moderate that would have kept their institutions relatively healthy?  Too bad that Thomas wasn’t prepared to task the financial institutions for double dipping.


4 Responses to “8 years before whining about deficit”

  1. Mike Rowan Says:

    I think that all of the governmental waste should stop, regardless of the party. That would be a start.

  2. Quick scan of the net - katie couric « The Shallow Cake Says:

    […] https://jeh15.wordpress.com/2009/04/14/8-years-before-whining-about-deficit/In other news, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric revealed an interesting item concerning those financial institutions that got TARP money. No doubt to include Capital One that has demanded more and more money out of my wallet in the … […]

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