It’s Good Friday, do you know where your bible is?

The Coeur d’Alene Press can be considered good for something, publishing the most extreme stances and the most virulent hate mail to be found anywhere in the news media world.

Take for example an anti-abortion letter from Evelyn Montreuil, she first starts of with the Judas Iscariot betrayal of Jesus Christ.  Only this is a bait and switch letter.  The segueway now is that Good Friday, the day of Christ’s death on the cross can somehow be equated with those poor defenseless “unborn children” whom those nasty politicians simply won’t protect…

When you think about it, there is something laughably ironic about this letter juxtaposed with that of Patrick Bonner.  He foams at the mouth over the idea that this could well be a “commie nation” just because President Obama literally fired GM’s CEO.  I’ll bet Mr. Bonner just like Ms. Montreuil wouldn’t have regarded it as “commie” for Congress and the president to regulate and dictate to the individual.  Hands off the business interest.  To legislate the collectivism of fetal interests as opposed to say the collectivism of unions who come into some degree of bashing from both Bonner and Antone Ornellas.  Seems Mr. Bonner wouldn’t have minded the Auto Workers Union President getting fired.  But wouldn’t that be just as “commie” as firing the CEO of GM?  While Mr. Ornellas is absolutely correct that airline employees being federal employees were forbidden by law to strike, did so, and were told by Ronald Reagan that they had 48 hours to get back to work or lose their jobs.  Neither he nor Bonner seem to understand that it isn’t the unions that set auto standards.  It isn’t the unions who create auto design obsolescence—the car that immediately starts breaking down the moment you drive it off the lot.  The unions don’t have high priced private jets.  The unions don’t get bonuses and stocks worth millions per year.  The unions don’t get paid 100 times what other employees might make.  No, but CEOs do.

And the high priced lobbyists don’t represent “the unions” when it comes to demanding that Congress should not legislate stricter emissions controls or greater fuel efficiency.  That exposés  of cars bursting into flames when collided with on say “60 Minutes,” it isn’t the unions who start wringing their hands over the lack of auto reliability and safety and the public demands that Congress should “do something about it. ”  No, the auto industry isn’t made up of unions, the work force, but rather guys like Wagoner.  One could only wish that unions were the sole problem that the Big 3 Auto Companies happen to have.

Ornellas took pains to note that the airlines at the time that Reagan fired the striking employees hadn’t received bail out money.  What Bonner forgot to recall in his particularly extremist vitriol, was that GM had.  14 billion in bailouts got handed to the Big 3 Auto Companies.  Exactly what did Wagoner do with his share?  The question not asked by the news media nor dudes like Bonner.  You get 14 billion in taxpayers’ moolah, I would certainly think that you should be held accountable for it.  Reminds me of years ago when a so called “conservative columnist” started crying that a woman on the dole put some of her welfare money in the bank and got into trouble because of it.  The law apparently suggested that she could only have so much money in a bank account, her putting some of her welfare check into a savings account each month meant that she was accruing more money than she had a “legal right to.”  You get public financing (welfare or bailouts) you can be sure that the feds will have something to say to you about how you use the money.  Or you can be in big trouble.  Apparently, Bonner seems to think that handing mega wads of taxpayers’ moolah to corporations like GM should come with no accountability what so ever.  Now that’s what I call liberalism.

Back to Montreuil; had she looked a bit closer to her own bible, Christ had some dire things to say about pregnant women and nursing mothers.  Only barren women would be happy.  Because apparently they never had a child to lose in the terrible times to come.  Would Montreuil have used Iscariot’s betrayal of Christ in her anti-abortion letter if she in fact saw Christ as a “baby killer?”  A man who prophesied the deaths of children both born and unborn?  To put it bluntly, her letter was utterly grotesque.  And that was why it was published.


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