Now, Now Bobby Jindal

You actually need to listen to Obama’s speech in order to address it properly.  I can’t really say that Governor Bobby Jindal was very successful about that.  He engaged in a lot of partisan blather in his “Republican response” to Obama’s speech.  Which I figured he would, so I was hitting the channel changer to something more interesting to watch once I finished feeding my dogs.  “Mega Disasters” on History Channel HD looked to be something of interest.  But I still caught the La. Guv’s. comments when he railed about how we couldn’t weaken our defenses.  Neither do we have the money for the money pit of the Star Wars missile shield which happened to have far more disappointing results for the amount of dollars spent on it.  So, let’s be realistic.  (With reference to Charles Krauthammer.)  And massive debt will not make us safer in a world suffering greatly from unstable economies.  President Obama stated clearly that pursuing the terrorists will be an objective, a quite primary objective.  So, I don’t see where he is weakening our defenses or going soft on foreign policy (with reference to Krauthammer).    Oh, that’s right, he will proceed to end those no-bid contracts where private contractors such as Haliburton could waste billions of taxpayers’ dollars in ways not accounted for today.  Right after that, the main HQ was moved to Dubai, one wonders why.

Bartlett was the GOP on board CBS special report on Obama’s address to Congress.  Bartlett for one began describing how any of the President’s plans would put the economy in the crapper.  Uh, excuse me, but I thought the economy already was! Further, that the people would become divided.  Wasn’t that something the GOP once delighted in, division?  Which begs the question,  is this all about the American people or is it in reality the “base,” that Bartlett is appealing to?

Jindal’s response to education was to shove aside the whole idea of a public school system and provide taxpayer dollars to religious institutions for schools as well as privatized charter schools.  Isn’t that nice?  School choice should include people preferring public schools and not just religious or anything that business interests are pushing instead.  But, if you are going to eliminate funding for the former, you don’t really provide school choice.  And you do provide a climate for indoctrination.

What got me highly amused, was that even after Jindal complained about the massive stimulus plan, he still plans on holding his hand out for money out of our collective pockets.  Some, “Republican response.”


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