What does Indiana have to teach?

The Hoosier spirit.  That’s what Cal Thomas chose to call it.  What I picked up toward the end of his commentary was a sports metaphore.  Where an Indiana sports team picked up a new coach and then went on to see a brighter future.  I’m assuming that this is his latest typical slam against the Obama administration and the massive gvt intervention and investment into the U.S.  All this country needed was a new coach…

That’s funny.  I thought that’s what we were doing on 4 November 2008.  We were getting ourselves a new coach.  A new coach with a new vision to encourage people to get back up on their feet and get moving again.  Oh, that’s right, all of a sudden Thomas is anti-gvt again.  All of a sudden, the people should engage in self-gvt rather than asking the Dem congressional majority and a Dem president for help.  That’s interesting, the recently homeless because of home foreclosures only need a new coach who will give them a new vision…  It still takes money, and if you are jobless and homeless new visions had better come with a payday.  That’s why Obama and the Dems got voted into office.  Which makes the argument that in this commercial world, you can’t just put two sticks together to build a new home, or plant two bricks side by side if you haven’t bought them first and don’t have a place to put them.  Some Hoosier vision, huh?  And if the private sector doesn’t want to invest in this nation, who will, if not the gvt?

CNN’s the Political Ticker put out a Senator McCain statement on its blog site and of course it would seem that most people responding had no nice things to say about the man.  Reminding each other that McCain did lose the election, he was involved in a savings and loan scandal and etc.  Comments already being closed for the article, this is what I have to say:  McCain is a member of the minority party for a reason.  That reason happened to be GW Bush.  At what point in time did tax cuts assure the hiring of Americans?  GW was more than happy to gloat about an increase in GNP based on what exactly?  The fact that his business buddies, the people who bought his office for him were achieving great personal wealth?  At the same time as the GNP was reported to be going up, American jobs were being shed.  So, after all this time, given the economic mess we have now, upon what do we trust with the facts?  It can’t be that of the GOP who rubberstamped GW at every turn and didn’t bother investigating the white wash.  GW and his new ownership philosophy as to home ownership.  And those mortgage companies that took advantage of such a market philosophy and exploited the desire of the American public to get a slice of that American dream.  “60 Minutes” had such an exposé on the 15 February 2009.  Wachovia had bought up a mortgage company featured in this exposé and folded soon after.  Why?  Because the company after bilking hundreds, maybe thousands of prospective home owners, turned toxic.  Wachovia couldn’t handle that.  Would’ve been nice if McCain had taken the time to look at that.  The obstructionist GOP minority in Congress most certainly acted like they didn’t.

Watched Obama signing the stimulus package into law today.  Among the people stepping up to the podium to introduce this package, a green tech business owner, Blake I think.  He did not have a problem with gvt helping out his business, the Governor, Ritter didn’t have a problem with some of that federal money heading toward his state, period.  I’d also say that the state of Idaho doesn’t have a problem getting its share of the taxpayers’ loot.  While condemning those who do the robbing Peter to pay Paul routine.  It figures.


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