Hey Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs spent better than two years describing in earnest tones the war on the middle class. Well, fear. What that war comprised of, increased medical costs, increased educational costs, outsourced jobs, insourced foreign labor. Well, fear. As home foreclosures began to skyrocket, he kept his viewers well apprised of the situation.  Well, fear.  Cost of fuel escalating.  Fear indeed.  All those dangerous imports from China, well, fear.  I am going to gather that Mr. Dobbs had a good reason to be afraid  as far as this nation and its future can be considered.  Job losses since his show has aired, no longer jobs lost in order for business interests to seek out foreign labor, but rather, jobs lost period.   Between the escalating credit crunch and the cost of fuel plus all other factors that had indeed been reported on in the last year; that now afflicts all nations globally, fear is what Americans will pay attention to and vote accordingly.  So imagine to Dobbs utter horror that America could put an African-American into the highest office of all.  A man who ends up preaching catastrophe if we don’t do something.

President Barack H. Obama, I can’t assume that he is a near religious viewer of Mr. Dobbs; but like Mr. Dobbs he paid attention to that war on the middle class and campaigned on the promise of doing something about it.  Now that he is president, Mr. Dobbs wastes no time—doing a complete 180°.  There must be a real problem with that politics of fear, esp. being used by a Democrat against the GOP, to get a stimulus package passed that well, Dobbs provides a “line item veto” to.  In short, Dobbs now ridicules Obama for exploiting the fear that quite frankly got the GOP booted out of office and into a minority status on 4 November 2008.  The fear that Dobbs exploited not only before Congress, but also in various town hall meetings and also daily on his show.  His target was then the GW administration, and the failure of that administration to “do something” about the fragility of this country’s economy.  Now, we have Obama who threatens fear in order to do something for the catastrophic failure of this nation’s economy and Dobbs invites on his show all the people he can find to dispute it.

I watched Obama do a town hall meeting in Indiana this morning and thought he had done a decent job informing people what he hoped the not yet signed into law stimulus package would do to begin creating new jobs and strengthening the economy.  He wasn’t only providing dire predictions if the package did not pass.  He was informing people, esp. in a state hard hit by major job losses what major moolah from the gvt could possibly give them.  A chance at a hand up, is what it amounted to.  ↔My take on the matter is this, if you fish for the poor dude, you provide him with a meal for a day.  But if you proceed to teach him to fish but with hold the fishing pole, hook, line, and sinker; he will still be coming to you for that hand out of fish. ↔

Here is a real funny, he is one of CNN’s legal contributors, and Jeffrey Toobin informed the viewing audience about the GOP as “arsonists” who set the house ablaze then block the firetrucks as they arrive.  That’s basically what it amounts to with respect to the stimulus package.  Does the package still have pork despite the massive trimmings that went on in the Senate?  I’ll make that assumption.  But only Dobbs would discuss the particulars of what he thought were pork or even earmarks, not the rest of the CNN crew.  How about that.

So, what is pork?  Cleaning up the Washington Mall?  Revamp the homeland security office?  I might make that argument.  Esp. when I consider that Dirk Kempthorne did some spendy reconstruction re his time spent in the Interior Dept.   Some spendy reconstruction involving an office.  Or what he allowed while governor in the State of Idaho to build some heavy security barriers around his mansion post the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks.  Then again, gvt buildings and public areas like the Washington Mall might be considered viable infrastructure to other eyes.  Pork in the eyes of the beholder?  I can only wonder what Mr. Dobbs really wants.


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  1. Bill Cash Says:

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

  2. What’s Buzzing? » Blog Archive » Hey Lou Dobbs « Jeh15’S Weblog Says:

    […] Cleaning up the Washington Mall ? Revamp the homeland security office? I might make that argument. Esp. when I consider that Dirk Kempthorne did some spendy reconstruction re his time spent in the Interior Dept. …Next Page […]

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