God of love?

Letter: Other services don’t outweigh abortion

Pat Bell, board member of Planned Parenthood, was quick to leap to the defense of his business associates (letter of Feb. 1) with a list of the wonderful services they provide to some women. This was in response to my earlier description of the hundreds of millions of our tax dollars that PP uses to abort human babies. Without denying it, Bell faults me for “focusing” on abortion while he chooses to focus on PP’s other activities.
I make no political comparison, but we cannot deny the analogy that Hitler built wonderful highways&mdashif we choose to focus on that and ignore some of his other activities. Just because PP does some good things, we cannot ignore the evil that they also do.
The attitude of “can’t we all just get along” is a fantasy. With abortion we’re talking about killing, period. There is no middle ground between life and death. Calling that “vitriol” is simply more PP deception.
As for Bell’s invocation of a religious background, any argument would be useless, as I don’t know his god. Mine is the God of love and life. It is ironic that Bell actively works for the abortion industry, yet signs his letter “Father.”

Hans Neuman
Spirit Lake

There are so many ways to fault this letter that it is hard to know where to begin.  One place to start would be Deuteronomy:  3-6 where that scripture describes a holocaust type of warfare, where not only the King of Hebron was killed, but so were all of his people; men, women and children.  The why?  The greatest sin apparently, was that these people didn’t believe in God.  Would a God of love and life, who created men to have free will insist that they can also die for exercising it?  According to the bible, yes.  And just as telling, are all the scriptures that describe what God will do to his chosen people for not following his laws exactly.  Among those to be punished and killed:  Children, even “unborn children.”  So, you begin to wonder what bible and what God is Neumann referring to?

Then, I can also consider the history of truly tragic warfare that bloodies  the era of Christianity.  The “witch hunts” that killed countless and most often innocent women, sometimes kids.  Christians who savaged each other for heretical views from Gnosticism to the schism and onto Protestant reformation and from there Momonism regarded as a dangerous cult in American history versus mainstream religion.  Christians weren’t opposed to killing the “non-believers” even though these too were human lives.  And at the same time, anti-abortionists can also be pro-death penalty.  They can often be bigoted against those of other beliefs, as evidenced by the above letter.

Anti-abortionists who exploit Hitler do indeed make intentional political comparisons.  Hitler was engaging in genocide against an entire people, abortions in this country do not focus on specific races.  That is why there is no comparison between Hitler and legal abortions today.  But, anti-abortionists have a beef with anyone who “sins” by being gay or lesbian.  Who disagrees with their activist religionist views.  Who feel that discarded embryos can be pressed into service to heal the sick and the injured, that would be obscene.  Given the fact that anti-abortionists tend to focus almost exclusively on aborted fetuses and generally not on the general travails of mankind, seems there is a middle ground:  if they can be selective about which human life they care about, then so can Planned Parenthood.   And by the way, anti-abortionists get federal funding to be so selective about human life.  Even federal laws.

On PBS yesterday, was a fellow discussing with a moderator about our current economic troubles and referred to Calvin Coolidge as it involved the business of business in this country is business.  Then went on to describe the “In God We Trust” on our money.  Which got me to thinking of a discussion I once had with my late father’s distant cousin.  The “God We Trust” on our money, is in fact money!  Which the guest on the show pretty much got himself, it was all about the money.  What did Christ say about the worship of mammon?  (money, material things)  That if you love the one, you don’t love the other.  It isn’t possible to worship both.  You get the hint of mammon worship in Neumann’s letter.  He doesn’t want his mammon funding the abortion industry.  So, which is more important:  the money or recognizing that the God of the New Testament is one  who is very capable of forgiveness?   Apparently, Neumann isn’t too knowledgable about Luke.  Or for that matter, the letters and Acts of the Apostles.

Watching “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” last night, he went into quite a discussion about the sanctimonious anti-spending and fiscally responsible GOP opposing the stimulus package on how it is too much spending.  He also revealed clips of where the GOP was all in support of too much spending when it came to Iraq as well as favored pork projects of their own.  You get the impression that the GOP are opposed to investing in America and think that the not so stimulative tax cuts are frankly good enough.  Well sorry, but those tax cuts of earlier years did not prevent the economy from going into a free fall and what those tax cuts seem to have done was foster the greed that caused the economy to go into a free fall.  And by the way, tax cuts won’t restore jobs to people unemployed.  This nation must in fact invest in jobs creation to re-employ the American workforce.

Finally, over the last 8 years of the GW administration, any effort at family planning on a national or even an international basis could be denied funding if abortion was on the table.  You get the impression that either a.) Neumann is ignorant or b.) this is a fact that Neumann simply ignored.  Planned Parenthood does not get funding for abortions, but only if they provide other low cost services.  Neumann’s own deception for political reasons without a doubt.


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