HDTV switch over

I guess it is just as well that the Digital Switch Over is still on track for the 17th of February 2009.  The LCD to Plasma flat screen HDTVs are easier to put just anywhere you like.    Like on top of an old roll top desk.  You could never put a big box TV there, that’s for sure.

I expect that it is still possible to find really, really old and still working analog TVs.  At the same time,  Cable TV has been around for the last 30 years, Satellite TV has been around for at least 20, the digital switchover has already been in effect for like forever.  Only the most rural areas would still require antennas, right?  Or people who don’t want to pay a dime for multiples of channels and just love broadcast TV.  Now however, from what I understand, broadcast TV is going digital, and if you have an analog TV, you need a converter box.

The Sharp SDigital TV is among the last big box TVs still around.  It was bought about 2 years ago, at 4801 it handles wide screen HDTV ads and other programming just fine.  It is also hooked up to Dish Network.  Even if it was hooked up to an antenna, it wouldn’t require a converter box.   After all, it is already a digital TV.

The new HDTV that I have, a Vizio, 22″ and a 1080p LCD screen, it is only attached to a Terk low profile HDTV ready antenna.  Converter box, what converter box.  Yeah folks, the TVs are digital, converter boxes not required.  Now,  just how many working analog sets are there out there?

In other news,  the news media for one, highly opinionated columnists for another, and yes, the final leg of the stool being people who never liked Obama, didn’t vote for him and are now applauding every mis-step no matter how trivial.  Of course, a failure to pay one’s taxes on time can be considered a serious issue.  Tim Geithner for one, Tom Daschle for another.  But given the last 8 years of GW being of a more trivial matter than say, Dick Cheney late of Haliburton.  Haliburton that got a ha-huge no bid contract from the Bush run gvt for the purposes of  post war Iraq reconstruction and prior to the actual invasion.   At the time, who among the news media was prepared to raise holy hell about it?  Well, uhhhh?  And did anyone ask as the GW administration was entering office in 2001, if any of his cabinet appointees paid or did not pay their income taxes in a timely manner?  No?  Or just how many of GW’s actual administration lobbied for or were heavily involved in the business world especially where they were to regulate the very businesses they once represented.  I can at least give Obama an A for effort in at least reducing if not eliminating the prospects for corruption in his administration.  Whereby,  Tim Geithner can tell the truth that yes he failed to pay his taxes on a timely basis, Obama in an interview was upfront and accepting of accountability, and Daschle is one of three now who took himself out of the running for Secretary of HHS.  Richardson removed himself from the Commerce position.  So while “red flags” can have been raised by the likes of Cal Thomas, we already know about these problems, because none of them were kept hidden.  Wonder if the news media has even caught on yet.  We already see a higher, if not perfect ethical standard, better than the last 8 years.

So, I ask this as a very public statement:  We saw an 8 full years of secrecy, flagrant lying, corruption and etc. and look what a mess it had made.   Did Obama during the campaign declare himself Mr. Perfection?  I believe that he never did.  Any incoming administration is going to make mistakes; the better president is going to do his damndest to correct them.  Now, as for walking the talk, I believe that Obama at his core is indeed trying to do that.  I don’t expect Mr. Perfection, but I would like the news media to take a better look at the broader picture.

The ethically challenged will refuse to accept responsibility for wrongful conduct.  We’d have a bigger problem if even these tax issues had never been made public.  Well, they were.   And that’s what you call transparency.  I don’t have an issue with it.  But then, I am not a paid opinion maker trying to be a journalist.

The best thing about “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” is that Mr. Stewart tends to poke fun at the news media that takes itself far too seriously over very trivial matters.  Such as tonight, when field reporters tell us all about Obama’s favorite foods.  And why is that a matter of national importance?

A fellow by the name of Goldberg was on “The Daily Show” last week, harping about Obama getting more coverage than Senator John McCain.  And therefore, the news media was “in the tank” for Obama.  More coverage doesn’t mean more positive coverage.  And the  coverage since the 2008 election, pre and post inauguration has been anything but positive.  See above.  To put it bluntly, the news media has been absolutely hostile, especially CNN.  Don’t you wish they’d done as much in the last 8 years of GW?


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