An argument 8 years too late

As much as Cal Thomas thinks that he now has reason to criticize President Obama’s stimulus package, and even further argues that we as a people need to simply do more for ourselves; I would tend to agree with the fellow however, doing more for ourselves takes investment in $$$$.  Where was his argument while GW was still in office, that we don’t need a stimulus package where the vast majority of taxpayers would get 600 to spend and “keep jobs” afloat?  That was at a time when home foreclosures were escalating, gas prices were escalating, job losses were escalating and Mr. Thomas was being a schill for the energy companies ridiculing the idea of green technology.  People at the latter end of the GW administration were indeed doing something for themselves, resorting to alternative transportation, trying to get rid of their gas hog SUV’s, buying hybrids, converting their cars to all electric.  They didn’t have much of a choice.

And also, I notice that Thomas wasn’t saying much (as republished in the Spokesman-Review) to protest the bailout of business interests in Wall Street.  But I am quite certain that he protested anything that would help union jobs.  Well, Mr. Thomas can be anti-union all he wants, but it isn’t the unions in particular or the American workforce in general that ran amok and destroyed the economy.  But we are the ones being told now that we must do more for ourselves—when we’ll be damned lucky indeed if we can even hold onto what we have now.  So, why wasn’t he telling the business interests such as the financial system to “do more for themselves?”  That banks, mortgage and credit lending firms that got into a catastrophic situation with toxic loans could do more for themselves by correcting their own failures of how they put together these loans and then bundled them as “securities” to be sold to whomever, where ever.  With a consequence of a global financial collapse.  As a side note, The History Channel has put out various end of days scenarios and given full voice to quite extremist voices among Christian activists.  The kind of people who may claim a literal truth about the bible and then wildly misinterpret it.  The fellow who carries the weights and measures as one of the four horsemen of the apocolypse…  How exactly should anyone interpret such a graphic description?  Weights and measures are the tools of the capitalist society.  When the businessman rides forth, crying out about the oil and the wine, these are goods to be sold as part of a business transaction.  But, because the businessman rides forth as one of the four horsemen of the apocolypse, means that by his very presence humanity suffers.  Well, then I would say that humanity suffers now because of the sort of ideology that would let him loose to run amok.   And American corporatist ideology did indeed let the capitalist member of the 4 horsemen ride amok.

A couple of letters of note in the Coeur d’Alene Press this morning (28 January 2009); one from Mike Jorgensen a member of the Idaho State Legislature absolutely appalled at the idea that a Mr. Olmstead who is a public face for Idaho businesses wanting a source of cheap foreign labor would submit a letter to the editor advocating legal guest workers.  But then, Mr. Olmstead was only using GW’s own language about cheap (but legal) labor on the behalf of business interests who had no interest in hiring Americans, would in fact toss Americans off the side of the boat by way of the fact that cheap labor (illegal or legal guest workers) would do the jobs that Americans won’t do.  And surprise, would do much to help the economy! I call it the union busting argument.  But, let’s put it bluntly, not everyone agrees with or would even care to join a union.  And they still have a right to a job, a good paying job, so that they can have a future for themselves and their kids.  Nor can you seperate the laborer from the consumer.  Without work, consumption simply does not exist.  Would guest workers and illegal aliens take over being consumers in this country after they have effectively displaced the American workforce?  No.  So, how do they support our economy?  How would they support the bottom line of the business interest who’s consumer base is the American society?  In my earlier reply to Mr. Olmstead, I argued that if he didn’t think that businesses could afford to hire Americans then they certainly can’t afford to hire the foreign labor that certainly will not contribute back to the host nation that gave it work.

From Hans Neumann, he is on record as being highly anti-abortion.  He also faced an outright rejection of the GOP post GW that put a pro-choice president in power. But while Neumann is drinking the bitter dregs of special interest defeat; he could be considering the broader picture.  Why would Americans (if they are supposed to be against the taking of innocent life) fully prepared to support a guy who’s not only for abortion but also supports stem cell research?  Because they saw the massive destruction of this society as a consequence of the lack of morality from gvt and the marketplace over the last 8 years.  These have not been a good 8 years to try to raise kids, that’s for sure.

So Thomas thinks it is imperative that this nation not see a taxpayer investment that produces jobs—no matter how ill concieved:  Errol Louis, “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”  But where was his quibbling about that investment of tax dollars that benefited say Haliburton and etc. in the so-called rebuilding of Iraq post invasion?  No?  The tax dollars that funded a war and even now our return for the dollar spent is highly questionable indeed.  No?  We could invest in freedom throughout the world:  GW; but that on the lack of a financial investment of any sort from anywhere, including from our own gvt, we should simply step up to the plate and re-create a vibrant and prosperous society.  Well I have news for Thomas, it took the gvt to screw everyone over, it will now take gvt to re-invest in America.

The stimulus package could be cleaned up of all its pork, but it is a start in the re-investment of this nation.


6 Responses to “An argument 8 years too late”

  1. The Intellectual Redneck Says:

    You can dig all you want, but there is no pony hiding under the Democrat’s stimulus manure pile. There is no pony hiding in the stimulus “pile of manure”

  2. jeh15 Says:

    I must have gotten some approved comments over at the Cafferty Files. Nice of you to swing on by and shove a fist. Now, I’ll make an assumption that you have considerable ideological grief with the Dems. There are times when I can agree with that. However, should some of that “manure” get approved and a few shovels full lands as a tax credit in your mail box, or assures you of a better paying job, will you toss it back in the faces of the people trying to help you because of ideological purity? That’s up to you. And it is particularly silly and childish of you to do so.

  3. jagurlavender Says:

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