44th President, Barack H. Obama

I woke up early on the 20th of January 2009 and going out to get the papers, I had soon turned on the CBS news special report around 8 am or so because I had no desire to miss watching President elect Obama being sworn into his new office.  It almost went off without a hitch, except for Chief Justice John Roberts flubbing the oath that Obama was supposed to repeat for his official swearing in.  Yeah, I heard that.   He was to be excused perhaps for nervousness?  Never having done it before?  I heard that too.  Lot’s of forgiveness for a dude who had been appointed by former (at last) President George W. Bush.  What Katie Couric was to later point out, GW’s term in office ended at 12:00 pm.  Obama is officially president, even if that oath did get flubbed.  As the news media would report (including the Spokesman-Review) there is no constitutional crisis in the taking of a flubbed oath.  And it is up to Obama if he wishes to take it again before witnesses.

Millions of people traveled to Washington, D.C. to witness an outgoing president leaving the White House forever.  To witness the man they replaced him with, Barack Hussein Obama, assuming the presidency.  Most of the nation, that could not make the journey, gathered for inauguration parties, to watch live TV in the public square, in the comfort of their homes—Obama’s swearing in ceremony.  They cheered as President Obama became the new president of the United States.  I saw GW leave the White House.  I saw him and his party head out on Air Force Special Mission 28,000 to go to the state of Texas.  And I watched the parade.  I heard about Senator Kennedy taken ill and Senator Byrd overcome with emotion upon the discovery that Kennedy had suffered a seizure during the inaugural luncheon.  But then we all know about Kennedy’s life threatening brain tumor.  Kennedy loaded into an ambulance and the mood of the luncheon turing somewhat grim.  But there was some good news, that Kennedy was alert and talking in his hospital bed.

The presidential party led the parade.  At two points, President Obama and his first lady Michelle stepped out of “the beast” to walk the route and wave to the spectators.  Then they went onto the White House and around to the viewing stand to watch the rest of the parade.  Of personal note, among the parade entrants was a small band of drummers from a school for troubled boys that CBS News had featured about a week earlier.  And representing Idaho, the Coeur d’Alene Indian tribe.  A very nice parade all in all.

Having to go to work then, and getting home after 10 pm.  I got a meal ready to cook after I watched “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and KREM 2 News.  The Daily Show really welcomed the incoming president with loads of what could be called on the surface, loads of ridicule.  It was also hillarious how they did it.  Officially, its called “a roast.”  Even though I did vote for the man, Obama, I could appreciate the comedy routines that The Daily Show crew came up with.

In the aftermath, I am sure that there will be plenty of people who will write to the local papers such as the Spokesman-Review and the Coeur d’Alene Press expressing fear of the president whom the majority of us put into office.  Today, the Spokesman-Review published three such letters.  In Gary Crooks “Smart Bombs,” he reiterated that Obama was very good for gun sales.  Panicked buyers were out to acquire as many toys as possible before Obama had outlawed them all.

And Leonard Pitts, jr was shaking his head in a (republished to the Spokesman-Review) editorial over the people who had come to watch Obama being sworn into office, jeering the outgoing president G.W.  He wouldn’t have heard me all the way from Kootenai County, but, I too said, “Goodbye Bush.”  After 8 particularly horrible years which Pitts did report and opine on, goodbye Bush.  Now it is the need to walk a new path, to forge  a future this nation can be proud of.  As Pitts did opine and on this I agree, the miracle of democracy, in which people can go out, being dissatisfied with what they have now, they can reinvent themselves.  Good luck to all of us, our new president, and the Gods bless America.


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