Interesting letters

Dan Schreiber wants to blame it all on the news media for why this nation is facing economic hard times.  What he can not feel free to do it seems, is to recognize that economic hard times can more fully be blamed on GW’s domestic policies of the last 8 years.  A fellow so very interested in catering to business interests as special interests, that his economic policies ended up gutting those very same businesses.  Because of the fact that GW’s economic policies first hurt the American worker/consumer before it ended up hurting those business interests.  I highly doubt that the news media is going to discuss an improved economic picture until one actually exists.

Next is Larry Kettle who doesn’t seem to understand the main point of his own letter, if what he reported in his letter to the editor in the Coeur d’Alene Press being true, “cold water traps carbon dioxide,” as to expanding icecaps in certain regions of the earth inclusive of Greenland and Antartica; then there is indeed an abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to indeed trap.   And one of the principle green house gases is in fact carbon dioxide.  What Mr. Kettle also doesn’t seem to understand is that ocean currents, micro climates, and general air currents can affect locally the amount of ice that any geographical region has, melting it away in some areas, such as at the Artic circle, and simply put it somewhere else, such as in the Himalayas, Greenland and Anartica.

So, has Mr. Kettle checked the reporting of “red tides” of lethal algea that kill marine life and can sicken as well kill humans?  “Red tide” algea is only possible with increased  warmth in water temperatures and has increased in frequency because of increased warmth in water temps.  The History Channel happens to be one source of such information.

Back to Schrieber, Jon Stewart is a comedian who runs a “fake news” program.  In order to have gag lines and something to base hilarious comedic skits on, he does run what can be described as out of context scripts.  In the last 8 years, GW as seen at his worst.  On the other hand, the news media, especially CNN did not care to show GW at his worst.  They went on to transfer their affection for GW to Senator McCain.  The less they reported on his pratfalls, the more they gave a pass to his gaffes, the less they had to say about his constant 180°s in campaign speeches as well as conduct; and the more they had to say about Obama’s alleged offenses no matter how picyune or non-existent, they figured they could again put a favored son into office as they had with GW.  Sorry Schrieber, but the media bias did not favor GW’s Democratic successor and CNN, esp. Wolf Blitzer rubs his hands gleefully at the idea of sensationalizing even miniscule wrong doings, even those easily taken care of by Obama’s appointees.  Obama can do no wrong in news media eyes?  I beg to differ.  But then, what can you say about a dude who acts like he gets more news from the sports pages, direct mail and e-mail than actually paying much attention to news sources?

Quite frankly, I have yet to see the news media being able to provide truly objective reporting to the Obama administration that still has 3 days to go before it enters office; when it hasn’t been objective about the man when he first tossed his hat in the ring as a presidential contender.

Then Laura Tolin discusses the fact that there are more important matters to spend our tax dollars on than converter boxes for up to now, analog broadcast signals.  Apparently, even though the gist of what Ms. Tolin discusses is an important issue, to include health care; what strikes me as ignorance on her part, is the fact that gvt is taking away commercial analog signals and reserving them for oh, military use as one example; and even further, catered to the entertainment industry to create very expensive new toys, HDTV in order to view digital TV.  Gvt intervention that helps create a new market for the entertainment industry, well then gvt can also lend a hand to people who do have antennas, who can’t afford a 2,000 dollar HDTV, with converter boxes for their still functioning analog TVs.

And finally a note about Kathleen Parker.  A member of the news media after all who couldn’t bring herself to find much wrong about GW.  She is facing the fact that because of GW, “trickle down” economics has ended up sinking a lot of boats, including those unemployed holding MBA degrees.  That is the degree of distress now facing this nation, when those with white collar jobs can’t hold on to such lucrative positions any longer.


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