Why not call it a blizzard

One winter's day

We had what we thought were the mother of all winters. This was last January when snow accumulations began to pile up until the snow itself had reached a record of at least 5 feet in depth. Then it took a while to melt off. And further, it took a long time, months, before it got warm enough for people to get out in their gardens. I’d guess you would say, since spring started so late that it was a good thing that fall itself started even later. Whereby, we didn’t have any real snow to speak of throughout November. Come December, and the temps started changing drastically a week or so in.

We had a bit of snow icing the ground a week back with temps suddenly dropping into the teens, to about 0°. Then we get the mother of all snowstorms. To put it bluntly, in one night, and depending on the location, we get upwards of 4 feet of snow. Reminds me of the winter of 68/69 with heavy snows and extremely cold weather following. Yeah, looks like there could be a 40 year repeat. Where the local weathermen are saying that temps could drop below 0° in the next week. Just in time for Yule.

Had to love ol’ Lou Dobbs today. He was taking note of Las Vegas, Nevada having more than an inch of snow on the ground at the same time as the rest of the Northwest was getting hammered with a stinker of a severe weather pattern. Mr. Dobbs was taking the time to declare a political point of view about global warming and I can certainly appreciate the fact that he doesn’t agree with the theory, not when one is shoveling and trying to clear out the consequences of a severe weather pattern. But, if you are dependent on meteorologists who are going to say exactly the positions that the boss wants to hear, then you aren’t going to much address general climate patterns that affect the world globally and how those climate patterns can do some particularly strange things. That is, according to the global warming theory. I already discussed extremely heavy snows in January of 2008 and a spring in Kootenai County that was slow to arrive. Now, toward the ending of the year, we have a record accumulation of snows that more typically happen in the midwest. Yes, over time, North Idaho can get accumulations of snow. But rarely have I seen an Idaho blizzard that dumps more than a foot of snow in a span of hours. Between the afternoon of the 17th and the 18th afternoon, about 24 hours, we got at least 4 feet of snow in the Dalton Gardens area.

The whole idea of global warming is that you can get quirky and even extremely severe weather. Well, then I would have to suggest that Idaho for one has seen quirky weather (yes, Virginia we can get tornadoes here) and extremely severe weather, such as I just described.


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