The After Party (CNN) Try the in denial party

Letter to the editor in the Sunday, 30 November 2008 Spokesman-Review:

GOP lost me

Kathleen Parker’s column of Nov. 21 was right on the mark.  I was a Republican most of my adult life and even an active campaigner for Republican candidates, beginning with Barry Goldwater.

In my last Republican Party caucus, a fundamentalist minister brought a good selection of his congregation to the caucus.  They insisted on discussing only such issues as “Satanists kidnapping homeless children off Spokane streets to use in their dark rituals.”

That turned out to be the year the Washington Republican convention nominated Pat Robertson for president.  Since that time, I have never been able to vote for any candidate who was willing to put a “Rep.” or “GOP” after his name.

Richard L. Hubbard

I had written about Kathleen Parker at the time it had come out.  After the GOP had suffered a crushing defeat on 4 November 2008, Parker had come out and literally said that religion in politics was one of the things that was destroying the Republican party.  Right, such as the above writer had described.  Satanists were grabbing homeless kids off the streets of Spokane for their dark rituals, but the fundamentalist preacher and his congregation didn’t bother addressing why these kids were homeless to begin with and what might be done on their behalf.

“The After Party.”  CNN now hosts the (old left) v the misnamed “conservative” (new) left.  You know, the religious interests that Hubbard (above) had heartburn over.  The kind of people who would say that it is entirely wrong for gvt to get involved in the regulating of businesses, guns and their creeds of dictating to God what he should be saying at any time.  But not wrong to impose gvt on those who may just disagree with them.   Amy Holmes and etc. of the religious views faction of the (new) left thought that Republican leaders such as Bobby Jindall were competent, popular and of course “pro-life.”  Uh huh.  Defined by whipping up fear of the “shadowy other,” “pro-life?”  Let’s put it bluntly, that in the last 8 years, the American people had a belly full of fear being whipped up against the “shadowy other.”  Not that it helped them when it came to loss of jobs, loss of homes, disasters (inclusive of Katrina) that did not see immediate federal relief.  Sloppily managed wars and homeland security.  The catering to certain business interests at the expense of others.  No real enforcement of consumer safety regs when it came to the importation of foods and durable goods, mainly out of China.  You want cheap, so the FDA and other gvt regulatory agencies heads were prepared to whine, then you get what you pay for.  There will be additional costs added to make a quality (and safe) product.  Well now, perhaps people wouldn’t mind paying for quality.  A few additional dollars on the goods beats thousands of dollars a day in the hospital beds because of poisoned food and toys at any time.  No, engaging in fear of the “shadowy other” that marked even the 2008 campaign wasn’t what the voters were interested in as they saw home values plummet, schools suffering the consequences of “No Child Left Behind,” wages stagnating at best, more jobs literally disappearing.  In 2008, they wanted answers, not ideological driven us v them wedge issues.

But in the “After Party,” Amy Holmes and etc. wanted the wedge issue driven us v them to continue.  To be the standard fare of any re-emergent GOP in its political future.  Well excuse me, but anti-abortion sentiments does not guarantee airport security as the world continues to be threatened by acts of terrorism.  It does not guarantee that bailouts to banks such as Capital One will be used to its intended purpose.  Precisely, unfreezing the credit market so that the business aspects of the economy can secure those so very necessary jobs.  Being against abortion will not reduce why more people may be on the path toward homelessness, in need of food stamps and charity.

Just as opposition to gay marriage and stem cell research will not repair infrastructure or improve education.  It will not assure that America becomes the leader in cutting edge technology for the 21st century.  It will not train people toward new made in America jobs.  Basically, this kind of thinking marginalizes the new religious left and those who cater to that special interest baggage.


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