Al Qaeda hates Obama

This just in to CNN, they have been running a tape and commenting on it from the Number 2 guy in Al Qaeda, Zawahiri (sic?) who among other things, slams Obama for his love of Israel, acceptance of Christianity and horrors, he is a “house Negro” besides.  The on the record comment from Obama and his incoming administration, “no comment.”  “They won’t engage in a tit for tat” with a terrorist.  There was a fellow who appeared briefly on CNN Prof (?) Gerges who adviced that the best thing the Obama administration could do is ignore the published tape.  That would probably be a good thing.  Although, no one should ignore the potential of a terrorist threat against this nation during the transfer of power.

On the other hand, I can see some local implications here that CNN hadn’t bothered to address.  Rick Sanchez had, to a point, about the churches with the “hate Obama” signs and scriptures used to justify why they could.  On one such sign, America had its first “Muslim” president.  Well now, if that were true, why would number 2 terrorist in the Al Qaeda organization express pure hatred of that “house Negro” and even taunt him?  That is because Zawahiri doesn’t have a problem checking out web sites I am quite certain and believing that even if Obama went to a church presided over by a radical African-American preacher, it was enough for him that a man with the Kenyan name of Obama sure couldn’t be a fellow believer.  Now, where does that put the people who made up their minds to hate and fear Obama?  That is, the people in America who chose to express hatred and fear of Obama?

There was a letter writer in the Spokesman-Review who put down very well in writing that when you have political stump speeches on one side (and we do know that was the McCain/Palin ticket) that chooses to whip up hatred and fear of the opposition; then you can be sure that there would be hatred and even fear expressed toward our President elect in the days that would follow.  Yes, there has been.  Well, we all know now don’t we that if you are a fellow with the name of Obama, that it won’t rhyme with Osama after all.  Not when bin Laden’s Number 2 goes into a shrieking tirade over our obviously Christian African-American president.  And, as was expressed on CNN, is desperate to keep the Islamic faithful in his camp.  “The house Negro,” if what I hear being true, could through diplomacy and other means, actually render Al Qaeda irrevelent.  Well, that is a decent prospect right there.

Who has represented the western powers from the American perspective especially in the last 60 plus years?  The white face of the federal gvt.  Who has controlled the foreign policy in the last 60 plus years?  The white face of the federal gvt.  Whom might Al Qaeda types more likely gain leverage with young Muslim recruits if not parading a white European face before them as that utter threat to their beliefs.  In the last 8 years, that white European face has been GW.  And anyone who can take an honest assessment of the last 8 years and the war on terror, GW had been very good for Al Qaeda recruitment.  Now, how about that black dude with the funny last name?  Yes, he is now that African-American face that represents the premier western power.  Where Al Qaeda was labeled “desperate” in putting out such a tape, I think I could see why.  Who would have thought that when this nation gave Obama that 368 electoral votes that we would have such global implications and even ramifications for such free and fair elections?

Islamic religions had their most grief with Europeans history being any guide, and did more to retaliate against Europe as a consequence of the Crusades.  Just as extremists in the faith have done much to harm and even kill their brethren when they seemed to have gone apostate toward the faith.  Or made common cause with foreign conquerors and unbelievers.  Which is exactly why the war in Iraq will probably never be resolved to our satisfaction, the “victory” that McCain during the campaign said we needed to have before our troops could come home in honor.  And why as well that Afghanistan is going down the tubes; that we didn’t resolve Afghanistan before we went after Hussein.  If you can understand the extremist mind of the Islamic terrorist, his rationale has many centuries to ferment before exploding into violence, death and destruction.  McCain didn’t understand that mindset.  And Obama being given a full dose of it from the GOP camp, probably is in as good a position as any to understand it more so than his predecessor.

So, I have a question for the dude who puts up a sign in front of his Bonner County home, to hang Obama, Pelosi, Reid and etc.  Would he want a casual relationship with the sort of people who proceed to verbally lash out at this country and its new president just because of who and what he is?  How about the churches that put up “hate Obama” language on their sign boards?  Would they like to argue now that they have something in common with the people who killed thousands of their fellows on 9/11/2001?  Or the children on a school bus in Idaho, who chant “assassinate Obama.”  The mayor of that town finally saying and appropriately, that such comments are uncalled for.  Would the parents of these grade schoolers like to consider that their hatred of our new president gives them common cause with a man, Zawahiri, who condemns Obama in a manner that isn’t all that dissimilar to what this nation has heard decades earlier.  How about the Roman Catholic Cardinal out of the Vatican who did his own condemning of Obama based on Obama being a pro-choicer on abortion?  Would that Cardinal consider that his own extremism when it comes to blasting the voters and those of his church for daring to vote for this man, Obama, might have something in common with Zawahiri?

If this tape does some good, it may reset the necessary priorites about what is more important to this nation and the world.  No, Al Qaeda hasn’t gone away and we need to make common ground to defeat the threat that terrorist group holds on a global level.  Extremism that divides won’t cut it.  And extremism that divides has been painfully obvious since 4 November 2008.


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