Sour grapes

I finally had the occasion for coming back to post a bit this morning at Word Press.  Since the GOP Governors’ Association convened in Miami, Florida and Wolf Blitzer had an opportunity to hold an interview with an unscripted Governor Palin, between Wolf Blitzer and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” I had plenty of fodder to write something about.

Sarah Palin, she is still rehashing the campaign commentary and political stump speeches to Mr. Blitzer about how it is that now President elect Obama’s associations still bother her and then making the argument that we must now look forward…  You can’t both look backwards and then forwards if you wish to make sense to millions of viewers.  Senator Obama got elected to the Presidency despite his past associations.  And past associations were no bar to Governor Bush becoming president either.  If associations mattered so immensely now, to include one’s pastor, then Reverend Falwell should have been reason enough for the GOP to not be in control of Congress for 6 of 8 years of a GW presidency.  The point is, until Senator Obama, associations did not matter.  So shall we really call it what it is?  The GOP were walking on egg shells trying to get around the fact that the Dems had nominated a credible African-American candidate for the U.S. Presidency.  If they wanted to get “the black vote,” they had to throw in the face of African Americans, that Obama had as a pastor, a radical black preacher by the name of Jeremiah Wright.  Or that the man must be known by the company he keeps, Professor Ayers, not the policies he proposes for the nation’s future.  Policies that differed only marginally from those of Senator McCain.  Let’s put it bluntly, that for many in the GOP, race and name did matter.  For the rest of the nation, we are in the process of growing up, to where race and name or even faith isn’t a harbringer of peril.  Not if it is instead, a harbringer of hope.

Those who fear an Obama presidency fear for their toys, guns.  Or they fear for a tinge of pink besetting this nation’s domestic policies, as though they hadn’t been living with a tinge of pink for the last 8 years.  They fear an activist gvt.  But they had one for 8 years and would have seen a continuance of it even under a McCain administration.  So?  They fear that a new U.S. Supreme Court will not overturn Roe v Wade.  Well, that simply means that the U.S. Supreme Court will not void the first amendment.  That under Dem authority, the U.S. Government will be out of control, but that was already true when the GOP were in charge.

Obviously, the immature still exist in this nation.  In Bonner County, Idaho, a man with a sign claiming “free speech” who has a noose for President elect Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and House Speaker Pelosi.  Why?  At what point does “free speech” become the possibility of actual threat to our elected leaders?  When a sign potentially encourages assassins, perhaps?  He declares that Sarah Palin hung in effigy for a Hallowe’en display was some kind of double standard, when those who hung a Barack Obama (as a political statement) in effigy were arrested, but not so those who hung Sarah Palin.  Hallowe’en during a campaign season can have immense fertile ground for political cut ups.  Perhaps it would have been just as wrong to hang a Governor Palin effigy, out of disrespect for her and her office.  But immensely wrong to threaten a Dem candidate for the office of the presidency, and that was indeed what the news media informed us of during the closing days of the campaign, Decision 2008.

Now in the aftermath of such a monumental decision, the immature go haywire.  This country survived GW.  But if it is to have a future, the two year olds need to grow up.  They have far bigger problems to resolve than who this country wants for their president.  If they want a future for their kids, they need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.


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