Crossing the threshold, at long last

It took some several days to finally come up with a desire to post an item to this blog.  Call it, I am still recovering from a high voltage election cycle fully of fury and drama.  The drama was that Senator Barack H. Obama won the election with 52% of the vote; and also got a blowout of 368 states to presumptively, Senator McCain’s 174.  That is considered landslide material compared to GW in 2004 especially for a little known African-American (bi-racial) Senator.  Let’s also put it bluntly, that Senator Obama managed to feed a cop’s words back to him when he yelled out at the crowd about Barack HUSSEIN Obama and how on November 4th the voters should leave the Senator in the dust wondering what had happened.  Well, we all know what happened, don’t we?  The Senator is now President elect Obama.  And this country, regardless of its political leanings, managed to move beyond race.  The next time, it may also be able to move beyond sex.

Of course, there are going to be foul mouthed GOP wondering why it was that an unquestionably liberal Senator won over that old white guy who in their world view happened to be a “real” American.  Had these GOP voters paid attention, there were a lot of reasons McCain didn’t win, a lot of it had to do with the economy, GW poisoning the political well for any GOP successors, two wars, and McCain making the sort of bold promises that called for lots and lots of gvt to cure all that failed in this society.  If McCain was going to end up sounding a lot like a Democrat, why not just vote for the honest to the gods Democrat and be done with it?  Post election, from what I heard, the GOP stayed home and the Dems, the moderates and the independents came out in droves.  Blogs that speak truth to power do serve some useful function now don’t they?  And McCain wasn’t honest about where he really stood.  Now no one can say that any politician can ever be fully honest, that Obama himself had his moments, but McCain suffered a lot of campaign dishonesty that came from flip flops, a continual change of position from one day to the next, one week to the next.  An intellectual dishonesty from a dude that was supposed to pride himself on “straight talk.”  But only after the fact did any news source from CNN to Washington Week begin to break down why McCain did not win and discuss it at any length.  While McCain was in the race, he was given quite a free pass.

Given the situation now on the ground, President elect Obama is the much younger man who can likely shoulder the sort of burdens that McCain perhaps can not.  Because he is liberal, he is flexible and a fellow who can listen to what others have to say.  Because he is liberal, he is not going to shy away from utilizing government to be put back on the side of the people.  For the sour grapes eating detractors though who are out there, President elect Obama brings only the worst possible political situation to his new office; yes because he is going to resort to government being the answer for society’s biggest problems.  But who forget, while these detractors are sniping, that they too wanted government as an answer to their own special interests.  After all, look at the gay marriage ban in California.  Or unmarried couples who now can’t adopt kids in Arizona.  An extreme law that anti-abortionists tried to pass in North Dakota to give full legal rights to conceptions—but what if the woman miscarried?  Yes, in all cases, initiatives that called for gvt to do something.  How about that.  Gvt intrusion and social engineering, how about that.  And locally in Kootenai County, taxing initiatives to build a new jail and locally build and repair roads.  We probably did need all of that, but the state of the economy also says, how we also couldn’t afford it.  Yeah, taxes to not only spread the wealth around but conceivably how we would benefit from such an investment.  But, we couldn’t afford to invest because of the economy.

Which brings to mind a letter to the editor published on 8 November 2008 of the Spokesman-Review print edition.  The writer puts in a rant that is most unbelievable as to his accusations, the utter silliness as to his diatribes and finally, his assertion that because we did not vote for big government McCain, now we can cease to call ourselves American.  No, we voted out the big government of GW, who was personally intent on relegating that antique called the U.S. Constitution to the Smithsonian, never mind a congressional convention.  We decided we did not need a fellow who made it quite clear on the campaign trail that he would be more than happy to carry on many of GW’s policies that have essentially cost this country heavily.  And sought to further excuse the greed of business interests that solely on the basis of taxes, were Americans losing their jobs.  Which was never true.  And who would have promised the sort of gvt activism through the U.S. Supreme Court the essential overturning of the first claust of the first amendment as it pertained to the non-establishment of religion:  re abortion.  We can expect that President elect Obama will not satisfy anti-abortion demands for more gvt intrusion and social engineering in the private lives of families.

Now a word of advice for the GOP, if they want back in power, the core principles of conservatism means that if you say you are for limited gvt, then gvt can not be there for religious activists.  Gvt should not satisfy every whim of business lobbyists.  If the U.S. Constitution provides strict guidelines for what Congress can and should not do, then even special interests among business and the religious should bear that in mind, that the Constitution does not allow gvt to do all and be all for their specific agendas.  Even President elect Obama recognized that gvt can’t solve every problem.  So instead of attacking one’s fellow Americans as did the above mentioned letter writer, do this country a favor and consider what conservative should mean.  Literally, if it ain’t broken, don’t plan to fix it.


8 Responses to “Crossing the threshold, at long last”

  1. Stacey Derbinshire Says:


    I like your site and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links.

    Thanks in advance

  2. jeh15 Says:

    Should you swing back by here, you certainly can.

  3. Sparky Says:

    Tried to hook up on facebook and could not locate you. Can you send me your direct link?

  4. jeh15 Says:

    What I will do, Sparky, is log on and then create an e-mail link. I will then take it to Huckleberries on line.

  5. Dave Says:

    You posted about Obama not carrying om with the Bush agenda, but that in fact is exactly what he is doing. More troops to Afghanistan, more bailouts, tax evading nominee’s, etc.
    Sadly, 52% of our country was fooled by “just another politician” into thinking somehow there was going to be change.
    Until our country gives up the party system, and dramatically limits political donations, we will be getting just another one of the boys (or girls)

  6. jeh15 Says:

    While you are going on the attack, the “tax cheats” for the most part did not go on to enter cabinet or key positions. The exception happened to be Timothy Geithner. Obama reiterates that he will end the war in Iraq even at the risk of being accused of creating military vulnerabilities. While you are crying about bailouts, unlike GW, he plans on practicing accountability. Troops to Afghanistan to address Al Qaeda and the continued threat they pose. Unlike GW, who decided until 9/11/2001 that terrorism was the problem of the last administration. You can carp and complain all you wish, but, Obama has been more activist in the last 30 days in trying to do something for this nation. Which means that the threshold has been crossed at long last. Take another look.

  7. Joseph Barbuto Says:

    Les héros devrait être voté Cirie. Ce n’est pas le plus redoutable, mais c’est une console de jeux. Si ce n’est pas vous séparer, ils vont bientôt le regretter.

  8. Thomas A. Lockhart Says:

    Je pense, c’est souffrir du manque de stéroïdes. Semble que sa désintoxication ne va pas bien … J’espère qu’il peut parcourir en face de sa petite tête explose.

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