A plea of religious bigotry

If McCain and Palin weren’t so busy trying to trash Senator Obama with some guilt by association through the likes of Tony Rezko, William Ayers or even Reverend Wright, they might actually have a platform to run on.  But, they haven’t chosen to do it that way.  Recently, a Los Angeles Times article revealed that there was a video of some sort of meeting or luncheon that now Senator Obama had that included a friend on the faculty of the university that he worked for at the time, a Professor Khalidi (sic?).  The video was shown to the L.A. Times, but on the condition of anonymity.  Let us insinuate as did McCain and Palin that what got talked about by the two professors during this luncheon or meeting was a professed hatred of Israel.  After CNN let the matter play out for a day or so, only then was there a retraction of sorts, that what McCain and Palin said was blatantly false.  Now let us address the facts of the matter:  Over the last 2,000 years, Christians have really not had love for Israel or the Jewish peoples.  Indeed, as you get closer into the book of Revelations, you find a degree of Christian hatred for Jews, because they ultimately did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah.  Today, if you find Christians claiming a Judeo-Christian tradition, it is actually contrary, at least on the surface, to a long history of beating Jews about the head for their failures to fall in line with believing Christians.  Or is it?  Back in 2000 after all, Christians visited Israel to await the coming of Christ and to witness first hand the destruction of Israel…  You can be sure that Senator Obama doesn’t “pal around” with extremists of this sort.  Nor did he have as a pastor, as did Governor Palin, who said that the Jews faced the threat of terrorism because they didn’t believe in Christ.  So, what has Christ done to prevent terrorists attacking a supposedly Christian nation on 9/11/2001?  Oh, that’s right, those internal barbarians such as feminists, pro-choicers, gays, Democrats.

You get the sense that responsibility for one’s own speech and conduct is a matter of political expediency.  When a woman once charged that Obama was an Arab (he is not a Semite, but even if he was, so what?) and McCain said that no Obama was a decent family man…  But since McCain’s half-assed attempt to run a more decent and respectful campaign, he went right back to a refusal to do that by his and Palin’s insinuations, that if you have luncheons or meeting with faculty members who are Palestinian, and we all know how they feel about Israel (non Palestinians by the way call Israel a “terrorist state” as well.), then we can question Obama’s bonafides about being a friend of Israel.  Well now, does McCain recall that those of the Islamic religion also vote Republican?  Many of those people are not exactly “friends of Israel.”  That extreme Christians are not now and never will be friends of Israel?  McCain does want their votes.  And how about the pagans that guys like Pat Robertson declared were the ones responsible for 9/11/2001?  Many pro-choicers, feminists and yes, out right pagans like myself, are in fact Republican.  But after today, McCain and his attempts to yet again tar Obama with a charge that can in fact apply equally to any politician anywhere, didn’t McCain only buddy up to the late Reverend Falwell who had on his 700 Club a day or so after 9/11/2001 Robertson who attacked this country for its “sins” and the wrath of God by way of Islamic terrorism.  Sure, Robertson did apologize.  But the “church” formed as a consequence of his initial speech and has since run accross the country attacking it and our fallen soldiers for defending gays, “thank God for 9/11” say the signs, but to date, McCain has said not a public word about such a church, now has he?  What he did say, was that if there had been a video of either him or Palin that had surfaced where they sat down with a neo-Nazi…  Well now, lest we forget, the GOP in Congress only gave to a guy who palled around with neo-Nazis some 3.1 million dollars because of so-called FBI and federal marshall bungling.  Randy Weaver.  So, McCain wants to make this as ugly a race as he possibly can, does he?

Then McCain needs to take something into consideration.  A millionaire can invest in a business venture, hire a workforce, create a product, and shipping it out the door; can then expect to reap more millions for his effort.  The millionaire generates wealth for himself and spreads the wealth around by his willingness to invest in this venture in the first place.  The only thing that gvt can do is provide incentives and opportunities.  And it can do that by providing a favorable climate for the business to operate in.  Obama has flat out promised that.  McCain however says that he will personally create jobs, he will create wealth and how?  By shifting the tax burden.  But onto whom?  He offers few specifics.  But the shifting of the tax burden from mega corporations to smaller businesses being one of the few specifics he cites.  The cutting of spending that he doesn’t specifically detail at all, which means that many can be adversely affected by his creating wealth in order to create jobs.  Then the tax burden of McCain’s activist gvt must fall somewhere, on those least likely to afford it.  But, as has been asked elsewhere, just because McCain offers to reward companies with a 25% tax rate who had shipped jobs overseas and not for reasons of taxes, doesn’t mean that the companies will stay in this country even at that specific tax rate.  So, should it come as a surprise that McCain can run a dirty campaign?  There are a lot more questions about his left wing philosophy than there is about Obama’s.


4 Responses to “A plea of religious bigotry”

  1. Allen Taylor Says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. Free Religion News and Blogs » A plea of religious bigotry Says:

    […] A plea of religious bigotry By jeh15 Well now, does McCain recall that those of the Islamic religion also vote Republican? Many of those people are not exactly ?friends of Israel.? That extreme Christians are not now and never will be friends of Israel? … Jeh15's Weblog – https://jeh15.wordpress.com/ […]

  3. Jenny Says:

    Well, once again you spout garbage about the Christian right, that you really don’t know anything about.
    Christians (the real ones) love Israel and pray for her people with a devoutness you will never understand.
    You bash and hash up people that have a different view, and then site the fact that they do the same to you.

    Real Christians, the ones that really believe, want you to know that there is a true God, he loves you. That is all they want. Pure and simple. But if you choose to kick at them, and call them names, eventually they can only say how sad it is, shake the dust off of their shoes, and go on to tell the good news somewhere else.
    God is love, but He also is Justice and Mercy. All we have to do is ask Him and he is faithful to forgive.
    My last and final plea for you to see the truth.

  4. jeh15 Says:

    Jenny, a real Christian loves his or her neighbor regardless of how that person believes, politically or as a matter of faith. A real Christian doesn’t engage in name calling (Christians have done so), nor go around kicking people (which Christians have done so), until they get a retaliation from those ultimately tired of such behavior. Given how you have behaved on other blogs, such as can be found on Huckleberries online, you can expect to be retaliated against.

    This morning, I looked at the letters columns in the Coeur d’Alene Press and saw that “Christian message” of pure hatred for a nation that would elect an African-American and Democrat for the U.S. Presidency, these writers rehashed old arguments first heard on the campaign trail that “real Christians” would not have mouthed in the first place. Since “real Christians” would have been most forgiving of a minister that said God damn America, given the fact that white ministers damned this country too. Such as Reverend Falwell, for example. They would not wax hysterical over the fact that Barack Obama has as his middle name, Hussein. They would not have allowed race to become a factor in whether the man ought to become president or not. I saw “real Christianity” on display when Senator Obama not only got the most popular vote but also an electoral college blowout. And in the letters this morning, condemnation for the “real Christianity” that was on display on 4 November 2004.

    So, who’s “truth,” Jenny? I approved your whining. And that is so I can take you to task for having done so.

    And finally, given the read of your bible, I highly doubt that God loves those who do not believe in him. Compared to most of what is found in the bible, what Christ taught, could be considered a flash in the pan rebuttal to the vast majority of Old Testament writings. But instead of Christians loving their neighbors, regardless of how their neighbors think or believe, Jenny, Christians turned to Old Testament condemnations of those who don’t think as they do. That is how wars start, bigotry can be both systemic and endemic. And tragedies can occur that might have been prevented, if Christians had indeed obeyed their own bibles, indeed, the teachings of Christ. Would “Christians” form the KKK? Yes, and they would call that “real Christianity” too. Why would they? Based on Old Testament teachings that they could exploit to a full bigoted measure. So, who’s truth, Jenny?

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