Be careful, Joe the Plumber

When Senator McCain and Governor Palin aren’t charging “socialism” against their Democratic opponent, Senator Obama, then they are beating the drum on “Joe the plumber” as that poor guy who’d suffer greatly under an Obama presidency.  However, while it is my understanding that “Joe” has many thousands of back taxes that he hasn’t paid, without question, out of ideological protestation of having to pay any at all regardless of what administration we are talking about, Senator McCain none the less used this tax scofflaw to somehing of a political advantage.  At least for the moment.  So, we know who McCain now pals around with, don’t we?  A tax cheat.  But not someone of sufficient morality to obey the law.  And a tax cheat that McCain wants to hold up as a national example of the guy he’d do something for as president.  Oh that’s right, the tax cheat who aspires to be the business man that McCain would do something for.  Sounds like that would be right up his alley.  After all, McCain only helped out S&L guy Charles Keating who was ultimately in a lot of legal trouble because of shady business practices.  So, why would McCain want to parade around a guy who “won the debate?”  Because McCain doesn’t care to learn from history.

However, “Joe the Plumber” even if he thinks that paying taxes is “socialist,” ought to consider the outright socialism of the McCain campaign to make use of  “Joe’s” money and give it away on the behalf of homeowners who bought into toxic mortgages and the lending companies who created them.  That’s what McCain has been promising of late, and if “Joe” only has questions about Obama’s tax plans that ultimately “spread the wealth,” then he should have even harder questions for the guy who said that “Joe had won the debate,” why McCain would flip and flop on whether “Joe” should have as much control over his own money as possible or if instead, McCain would rather assist those companies that engaged in risky practices (but not illegal) that ultimately saw their companies collapsing as did Charles Keating’s Savings and Loan.  Yeah, on “Joe’s” money, and mine and yours.  McCain said that “Joe” should be free to spread his own wealth.  How hilarious would that be?  If “Joe” were say a homeowner who had been invited into a toxic mortgage by Countrywide, this mortgage company ultimately goes belly up because of out of control “risky practices,” would “Joe” on his own spread the wealth to set Countrywide back on its feet?  I highly doubt that, so why should we?  But, that is what McCain promises to the cheering crowds of rabid followers.  Then between him and Palin, turn around and accuse Obama of socialism.

The problem for McCain is while he has been superbusy telling his rabid following (they froth hatefully at the mouth with any mention of Obama) about not only extending GW’s tax cuts but making them even more draconian, businesses would get a tax rate now of 25%, what McCain doesn’t mention is who or what would be hurt by such a reduction of taxes on corporations; and if state by state, the GOP supporters of McCain would find their taxes being raised to cut the shortfall of revenue from the fed.  If as McCain suggests, businesses left this nation because of taxes, then they’d have no cause to relocate to this nation as long as they were forced to pay higher taxes to assure revenue state by state.  So, who would pay ultimately in higher taxes?  “Joe.”  Be careful, “Joe,” McCain isn’t honest.  He makes many promises that ultimately he can’t and won’t keep.


4 Responses to “Be careful, Joe the Plumber”

  1. Tom Humes Says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Dave Says:

    So in the end, if things are done McLame’s way, tax cuts end up being Not A Good Thing. Sheesh. Leave it to the republicans…

  3. jeh15 Says:

    Thanks for swinging by. You probably visit Huckleberries online and are one of the berry pickers that Dave Oliveria mentions sometimes. Otherwise, glad that you liked what I posted.

  4. After Hours Friends » Blog Archive » Who Do You Want Dealing with … Says:

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