McCain, how childish can he get?

An Obama ad, that describes McCain at one point as “erratic.”  McCain responding some time later about how Obama reacts with a bunch of angry insults.  The record:  About 2 weeks ago, GW, Paulson and Bernanke started pushing a bailout package.  The stockmarket had not yet started going through the basement floor, but GW had finally hit the panic button on an economy that had bottomed out.  After spending months in fact, trying to paint a rosy picture.  The panic button was the Wall Street bailout to the tune of 700 billion dollars.  Senator McCain then “suspends his campaign” is prepared to “forego the debate” and head back to Washington, D.C. to personally “broker a deal.”  No deal, he proclaimed, no debate.  The deal already brokered, even before he got to the capital, also fell apart hours after his arrival.  On the record; Senator McCain is erratic.  Here’s more, a deal not reached, but McCain will debate and does.  McCain’s actions confirm the ad.  2 weeks ago, McCain doesn’t recall what he was doing two weeks ago?  That’s pretty tough, and a bad selling point about McCain.

Source:  CNN.  When McCain started Jacking the jaw about Obama, you would have sworn he was describing himself.  McCain admits to not knowing much about the economy and trying to sow doubts about Obama by projecting his own failures onto his opponent.  I’m not impressed.  Out of McCain’s own mouth, and this is today, he puts businesses ahead of hard working families.  Yes, he makes proclamations about those small businesses the bedrock of this nation’s economy…  However, let us remind the electorate right now that McCain supported an immigration reform bill that would have put some thousands  more “guest workers” into the arms of business interests wealthy enough to employ an American workforce and too cheap to want to do so, and by that token, undercuts the ability of small businesses to compete!  As a small business owner myself, I’m not impressed, but then, I pay attention to the news.  McCain also wants to make the proclamation that Obama is “lying about his own record.”  Really?  McCain has been making a major dash to get away from his own.  From my perspective, 6 of one, a half dozen of the other.

This precedes the town hall style of debate that is to take place tomorrow.  CNN assures us that it isn’t Obama’s best forum.  On the other hand, McCain supposedly shines best at such meetings.  Problem for McCain, he isn’t facing adoring fans, not this time, but rather, uncommitted voters.  Can he “shine” in front of people who could conceivably and actually should ask hard questions?  I’ll bet Obama would do a better job.  He’s been facing tough questions ever since his campaign began.

Now, onto the character issue.  Sarah Palin seems to think that even though we had 24/7 Reverend Wright and even though Obama won the Dem nod despite this, Reverend Wright should be hogtied to Obama in the closing weeks before the election.  Wright didn’t work then, why should he work now?  News for Palin, the stockmarket drove through the basement floor this morning.  The global markets are doing their own nosedives.  I expect that people right about now are more concerned about the losses to their 401(k)s than they are about Reverend Wright.  Or get this, William Ayers who engaged in property damage style bombings as a 60s radical.  Who ultimately did not have to pay for his past misconduct because of FBI screwups.  Let us remind Palin that while Ayers, now a college professor does have some association with Obama, his worst behavior did occur long before Obama knew his name or was of an age to even understand the implications of Ayers actions.  By the time Obama does come of age?  Ayers has moved on from a 60s radical of the Weather Underground to professor of a university in Chicago.  Of course Ayers accounts for his past.  Ayers is unrepentent.  Now shall I add that when I washed dishes at a local resort that I had the occasion to work with gays, guys serving time in jail, those who engaged in knock down drag out brawls in the parking lot.  Because of a working association with such people, my own character is somehow more questionable, right?  Why?  According to biblical scripture, we are actually all responsible, good or bad for what we do.  By that measure, Obama is not responsible for Ayers’, or Rezko’s, or even for that matter, Wright’s behavior. Each individual linked to him is responsible for their own lives and failures.  But if Palin is going to go there, well she is anti-abortion.  Shall we link the violent fringe of the anti-abortion movement to her?  The “base” McCain wants the votes of?  You know, the clinic bombers and the doctor killers.  Sounds fair to me.


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