Political this and that

Seems there was far more interesting news on CNN today than even in the Spokesman-Review editorials.  That was when CNN singled out Senator Joe Biden on his own earmarks=bridges, museums, and etc.  True enough.  Just about every member of Congress has a favorite earmark, pork barrel project and etc.  We can also make mention of the fact that through Senator Ted Stevens, Mayor to Governor Sarah Palin got tons of yours and mine tax dollars.  If this is going to be an argument of earmarks v earmarks as a campaign issue, we the voters already know about how politicians work in Washington, DC and sometimes we stand to benefit from truly useful projects.  What Biden was trying to do, was impress the Dem base with the fact that Palin was happy to get the money from the rest of the American taxpayers, even after she bowed to the political winds and opposed what it was initially supposed to be used for:  thus the “bridge to nowhere.”  There is a significant difference and I truly fail to see how CNN can draw such a connection.  Failing to be honest is politically more important—Sarah Palin, about those earmarks than the fact that they exist.  It would be good overall, to find cause to reduce and even eliminate those earmarks.  Unless the states and districts can come up with just cause as to why they can continue.   And just cause, should come under truly stringent requirements.

In the Spokesman-Review was the latest what I call a batch of crap from Thomas Sowell.  The guy calls himself a “conservative” and right off the bat quotes first communist Karl Marx.  No kidding!  He quotes Karl Marx as some kind of master of economics who should suddenly be listened to over a hundred years after his demise.  What comes next was the hilarity of his taking the usual jabs at the Democrats, replaying a McCain talking point about one of Obama’s policy advisers being the head of Freddie Mac (former head of Freddie Mac), etc.  Uhm, if Sowell wants to quote Marx as a credible argument about why gvt should not be involved in the market—do remember here that gvt has indeed been deeply involved in the market since the time of Marx’s communist revolution and we all saw how that turned out—but the people most involved in wanting gvt now inserting its power in the markets are not in fact Democrats, no where does Sowell mention Bush, Bernanke, Paulson and etc.  And the utter panic they are all engaging in if the Congress does not in fact pass that “no strings attached” 700 billion dollar bailout right away.  Given the economic mess that the deregulation fervor has given us over the last twenty years, I would proceed with caution and pass only legislation that has many strings attached as possible.

Here are some kickers that has been revealed by CNN, brief blurbs that none the less, CNN discussed as quickly as possible and then passed on to address more minor issues with presumably greater importance.  IE:  earmarks.  Well, there is this failed bank in Somewhere America.  The FDIC has guaranteed deposits of up to a hundred thousand.  But something went terribly wrong with this bank and it failed, and those who with good faith made deposits with this bank have lost significant amounts of money.  Now, for the ties to high places:  John McCain’s son was a member of that bank’s board.  Some two months before the bank failed, he left his position.  What was not asked, was why.  CNN did not care to probe more in-depth into what could easily be a scandal in the making of a McCain presidency than oh Biden’s earmarks.  GW after all has an S&L in his family’s history.  And his father only papered over what could easily have become a serious political and legal problem that one of his sons was quickly getting him into.  McCain’s son had to know the bank was on the ropes long before the innocent depositers did.  Shades of Enron, Silverado?  Two months before the bank fails is pretty tricky.  Further, McCain has on his staff of advisers, a CEO(?) Rick Davis of Fannie Mae.  This, CNN had a bit more of a discussion about, referring to McCain’s attack ads and attack lines, but get this folks, McCain has as an adviser a fellow who failed Fannie Mae.

Earlier today, Senator Joe Biden had a lot to say about Senator McCain’s “judgment” especially as it involves Al Qaeda.  He said, in my estimation, a lot of truth.  McCain’s response, he actually disputed nothing of what Biden said believe it or not, but did insist on an old half-truth when it came to Obama and Biden wanting to end the funding of the War in Iraq, in order to end the war in Iraq! That’s doing nothing to refute what Biden said about McCain.  And it sure didn’t refute the facts of what we aren’t accomplishing in Afghanistan.  Bottom line that even this Republican can agree with, if you are going to fight terrorists, you go where they are and eradicate them.  We didn’t do that in Afghanistan.  Now we are facing the consequences.


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