Silly season 2. Or do be ridiculous

There are a number of different items to be discussed on this post today, so really, just bear with the author. CNN offered up quite an assortment of zany political moments: Watch the channel and out comes a McCain ad, sneering at Obama as all talk and taxes. Interesting. “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” proceeds to discuss McCain’s past record as a deregulater when it came to business interests and business practices. So now that we have all seen the effects of deregulation on say AIG, credit and lending, Mortgage industries, Lehman Bros, Bear and Stearns, McCain has proceeded to turn on a heel and rant and scream about the sort of regulatory mess that we are now in and the need to “reform” it all in Washington, D.C. That is, the regulatory mess he helped to create… All talk, that he projects onto Obama. How about taxes? Well, we are as deep into a financial hole as say, Lehman Bros. We are also in hock up to our eyebrows continually borrowing from other countries to finance tax cuts, subsidies to business interests, two wars, and etc. Even if it seems a lovely idea that we “keep more of our own money,” unfriendly nations can hold our current debtor status over our heads just in case, readers, that we try say asserting human rights issues with that nation. A conservative would at this time, recognize the financial peril we are in, tell the truth about it, and inform the taxpaying public what they need to hear. You know, some straight talk. Yep, it is inevitable that we raise your taxes. Either it is done now, or your children will be paying them instead. But McCain is obviously not up to “straight talk” these days.

Her name is Rothschild, she is well off, married to a rich baron, and a Democrat. When she spoke to Wolf Blitzer today, 17 September 2008, the woman made the commitment to side with McCain. One of her arguments was that she had all these wonderful opportunities (and I suppose that rich barons are a dime a dozen) and felt that only through McCain would the rest of this country also have equally wonderful opportunities. McCain didn’t exactly buck GW or the GOP on the sort of issues that ultimately did a number on the middle class. Rothschild proved to be delusional on the matter of “opportunities” as much as she was delusional about McCain’s current stance on abortion. Okay lady, that must be what’s meant by “liberal.”  Seeing the sunny side of life, even when it is not there.

Now this gets hilarious, a GOP type was all atwitter over Palin’s “midwestern accent.” Okay!?! Thought Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho and then moved to Alaska. Idaho isn’t exactly in the midwest by any stretch of the imagination.  So where did Palin’s “midwestern accent” come from?

And finally, when does Senator McCain plan to look in the mirror when it comes to 1. Senator Obama didn’t show up to vote on his own stated proposals. Just how many votes did McCain miss while he was CAMPAIGNING AT THE SAME TIME? Or is it only okay if one presidential candidate actually goes out on the hustings, but you Obama, need to get back to work. 2. Obama is only looking out for his political future. Question, how is it that McCain spent all his time in the Senate, if he wasn’t looking out for his own political future? Or seeking the job of president, twice? Or agreeing with GW at least 90% of the time? Or cozying up to people such as the late Rev. Falwell, whom he once labeled an agent of intolerance? 3. Slamming Obama for fundraising with Hollywood’s finest, such as Barbara Streisand. Now just how many people have chosen to shell out for McCain’s campaign on the fundraising level, especially since Palin came on board? Or achieved campaign draws about equal to Obama’s only because of Palin? Oh, yeah, do be ridiculous, at all costs.


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