This should shock the hell out of anyone

OMG 3It was yesterday morning, checking out on the laptop, as AOL is now its home page on the internet.  AOL news in connection with CNN; and the Political Machine blog was providing breaking news of McCain at a biker’s rally. That is, an event they hold yearly at Sturgis, in South Dakota.  Among other things that McCain said, in his oh so very clumsy way, was to invite his wife to a “beauty pageant.”  According to the author of the blog report, that was a topless beauty pageant.  I put the word out to a blogger who works for local paper, The Spokesman-Review.  He then checked the link for himself and later, posted both the original post and the accompanying video at Huckleberries on line.  That was yesterday.  Before going to work, I had turned on CNN.  While there is no question that the CNN news team had indeed provided sound bites from the video, they also turned away, and I am sure deliberately at that, from discussing what could only be McCain’s most embarrassing moment.  But apparently, Keith Olberman of MSNBC did not and neither did “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”  So it begs the question, did McCain have any idea what so ever who exactly he was addressing?

Bikers are known to cultivate an outlaw image.  They also tend to exploit their ladies in what can only be described as debauched beauty pageants.  Saw the video on “The Daily Show,” that the nubile young ladies come out in nothing but underwear, bras and panties.  And then display their attributes to a cheering crowd of leering bikers.  Was McCain well aware of this, or not?  At the least, I would make the argument that McCain was dredging for votes at the bottom of the barrel.  Offering his wife up for a few hours of debauchery that would humiliate anyone who was the wife of a politician—that is not cool.  Nor is it “presidential.”  Informing a few people after the fact about McCain’s less than presidential statements, he was referred to as a, uh …[donkey] and a jerk.

The video of his most improper statements found its way to YouTube, where HBO’s blogger found it and pasted it onto his news blog.

It should also be known that blogs inviting comments, a South Idaho religious activist who happened to be checking out the local paper on line; declared that McCain was working hard to offend the “conservatives.”  I believe that was the whole idea of planting the link to the original source to begin with.  So that people could check it out, and knowing biker gangs for their outlaw tendencies, could only come away appalled at what McCain was inviting his wife into.  Not what you would call “family values” by any stretch of the imagination.  And they vote.  Not only are they going to vote, but they will also blog about McCain’s “dirty old man” attire.

CNN admitted that McCain was hard at work trying to take the focus off of himself and placing it squarely on his presidential contender:  Senator Barack H. Obama.  As long as he could do that, then he could begin matching Obama in the polls.  Now the focus, at the worst possible time, is back on McCain.  Fellah, did you have any idea just who you were addressing?  Do you know what sort of debauchery you were willing to invite your wife into?  McCain did it to himself.

What was amazing, as I watched some of Wolf Blitzer yesterday, that he steered clear of any mention of Cindy McCain starring as Ms Buffalo Chip in a biker style beauty pageant and also serving as first lady.  Right.  From porn to the White House.  No, we at CNN as of 5 August 2008 wouldn’t want to show the world how much McCain humiliated himself before those bikers and his family.  But CNN never had a problem working over time humiliating Obama at every turn.  Esp. Lou Dobbs.  But, once the video of McCain stumbling and bumbling and encouraging his wife into an exploitative “beauty pageant” hit YouTube; the world, already knows.

Wonder if we should revisit that NY Times article that had alleged McCain hitting on a female lobbyist/friend?  Seems it would be of a piece about this 71 year old fool who wants to be president.  He humiliates his marriage at one instance, and his wife in front of bikers some months later.  Does he want to be president?  Should we actually vote for him?


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