A different kind of politics

I watched a bit of “Reliable Resources” today, before taking a gander at “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer” special 10 year anniversary. Seems that somewhere in that myriad of news media info coming from CNN, that the GOP such as Lindsay Graham were hollering about Senator Barack Obama’s “flip flops” on Iraq. Precisely, that when Obama said that he would visit Iraq, consult with the Generals and learn the situation there, that he might, on the basis of new information, “refine” how he would eventually pull out U.S. Troops in 16 months. Well, if I were the one running for president, got elected and intended to shut down G.W.’s war, I am quite certain that I would indeed consult with the Generals in charge of the operation and begin determining the hows and whens of ultimately removing troops from Iraq. That would seem to me to be a very wise answer that a guy who is running for Commander in Chief would have to give. What does it take to exit a war that your predecessor got started? So, what flip flop? I fail to find a flip flop. But I did see in earlier CNN broadcasts that a claim of a “flip flop” was started by a CNN staffer filling in for Wolf Blitzer. Post Obama’s live news conference. And like an echo chamber, the GOP lined up with their little red books and started shouting the same thing. You have to wonder where there is any intelligence or individual thinking among the current party.

Watching the 4th of July parade Friday morning, downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; I was struck by the fact that the GOP carried a lot of political signs for local candidates for Idaho offices, and almost none for Senator McCain. Wondered why that was? By the way, a lot of the crowd stood silent as the GOP walked by. And there was a lot more clapping as the Dems walked by. All of Idaho went GOP on the presumption that they would be better represented in Southern Idaho, Boise. What ended up happening was that the GOP majority began demonstrating how much they loved taxing and spending, introducing too much government, and representing their own versions of the special interests but not the constituency that actually voted for them. As for the Dems, they weren’t ashamed to demonstrate that Senator Obama is their presumptive Democratic nominee for the presidency. And that may be exactly what has got Congressional GOP and media talking heads in a full throated fury.

As for GOP attempts to paint Obama as “just another politician.” I truly find that laughable. Not really, when they weren’t prepared to paint him as an American and rightfully so in the first place. It upsets them that he is the first credible black politician to make a run for the presidency with a good chance of making it to the oval office. Or even to respect the fact that he is also a God-fearing individual. Or that he too can be greatly concerned for the welfare and safety of this nation. Or even that he may truly desire new approaches to solving old problems. So the attacks come about Iraq, a 527 ad from obviously Republican “veterans” of Iraq who make the same talking points that have come from Congressional Republicans and even the White House about all of our “successes” in Iraq. But having seen the ad, I also notice just how deleterious those who crafted it are at arguing, why, with all those successes, are we still a presence in a “Sovereign state?” That is their vulnerability that this Cold War veteran can exploit on this blog. We don’t have a reason to stay in a sovereign country once we have succeeded in our mission. Unfortunately, while this ad might preach to a choir of GW supporters, it won’t help elect McCain. And it can only serve to remind the general voters why they no longer care to be in a war that we were supposed to have “won” once the “surge worked.” The “change” touted in this ad, is to keep war wearied troops in Iraq indefinitely. To what purpose?


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