Items of Interest

A discussion about impeaching GW. I was visiting the Spokesman-Review’s web site when I came upon an “Ask the Editors” item regarding the impeachment debate that had recently gone on in Congress. While the comments were “closed” for the session of “Ask the Editors,” what some of the commenters said was highly instructive. Including one individual who was highly dismissive of those supporting impeaching the current president. So, a definite item of interest.

Caught a little of CNN today, and ol’ McCain razzing Obama’s latest bout of “naivety” by declaring that you never broadcast what you are going to do… with reference to eventually pulling our troops out of Iraq. News flash for McCain, when did you get up on your hind legs and inform GW that he should never broadcast:

  • Allowing such news media as Fox News to broadcast across the world our weapons capability.
  • Thundering about Saddam Hussein and his Weapons of Mass Destruction for months before allowing weapons inspectors into Iraq to “investigate” whether they existed and even if Hussein was “in compliance” with certain U.N. proclamations.
  • So of course they didn’t find any, did they? Neither before the invasion or after the invasion.
  • GW raising a very public stink about why it was so necessary to go after Hussein. So when the first bombs started dropping in an effort to “take him out,” GW missed, didn’t he? And Hussein was only found down in a hole in December, months after the invasion. And only because our troops there got lucky.

It is too bad that McCain has to “save his firepower” for a Democratic opponent who only entered the Senate years after the invasion itself.  He could have said a great deal about a loudmouth for a president who made a great public display of “taking out” Osama bin Laden—and we have yet to find the fellow today.  Even further, to make public our need to go to Iraq, to pull out the kinds of forces needed to forcefully deal with the Taliban.  Who only had to wait now, while the U.S. was distracted by Iraq and regroup and begin taking over.  Which they did.  So, we shouldn’t have presidents who broadcast to the world what our strategic military intentions are, huh?  Why didn’t McCain have the cajonès to tell GW that in 2002 or 2003?  Well now, GW publicly broadcast our going into Iraq, then I expect his successor can publicly broadcast when we leave.


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