Bob Barr–Libertarian candidate

From a recent Political Ticker post comes this little gem: Bob Barr, former Georgia representative to Congress who decided to abandon the GOP two years ago because of too much big government under their watch, is now the Libertarian candidate for president. In the comments section of this CNN blog, many of the commenters seemed to be highly dismissive of Barr and what they regarded as his principles. As a non Christian who served in the U.S. Military, I personally know for a fact that Barr has plenty of negatives to his name. Not the least was his insistence that Military bases should not accommodate witchcraft adherents. Well, that kind of reminds me of Pat Robertson who once declared that only “Christians” could really be patriots. In which case, the witches serving this country voluntarily in any of the U.S. Armed Forces should be denied that they can do their patriotic duty and even further be denied their religious freedom equal to Christians. At least according to Barr. But Barr proved to be unsuccessful. A further negative was the idea that a president could be “impeached” on low level misdemeanors. Yeah, President Clinton had an affair. So? And plenty of members of Congress had affairs as well.

So Barr’s emergence now as a Libertarian candidate has the GOP backing McCain squirming and the Democrats positively gleeful at the prospect.  I say, go for it, quite frankly.  After all, Rep. Barr was a thorough nut case during his four terms in Congress.  He represented what I can only describe as nut cases in his own Georgia district.  Only when he faced a redrawing of the district mapping that put a much better Republican candidate in the same district as himself, then I am prepared to believe that true conservatives had an opportunity to take out what was embarrassing the state and put in someone who might represent them better rather than the radical wing of the GOP.  I could only wish Idaho was so lucky.  So, go for it Barr, peel off enough of the radical votes come November and it is quite possible that McCain will have to compete for the center right along with Obama.  And the center, incidentally, is fully fed up with the last 8 years of Bush.


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