The “Comedy Central” of the McCain candidacy

United States 3

Now Senator McCain has a certified Dem opponent. So, what does he do in response to making his case to the American public? Engages in the politics of division quite unlike what he was willing to do during his Senate years. And when he isn’t doing that, he decides that fear mongering about taxes, health care and etc. will be his primary platform. So let us take a moment to discuss McCain as presented on CNN, Wolf Blitzer show cased some of his comments.

  1. Health care costs are too high, but Obama’s health care plan would be too expensive (and likely increase the size of gvt too). What we must do, so McCain argues, is bring down the costs of health care. How? Through gvt? The much vaunted market place won’t bring down such costs on their own.
  2. Obama would increase taxes that would deeply hurt “struggling families.” This would surely include the dreaded Estate tax. How many “struggling families” out there have million dollar estates that would be immediately affected by such a detrimental tax?
  3. So the question should be asked of McCain, who does he expect to pay for the wars that he expects to continue well into his presidency? The grand kids?

McCain can be a very funny guy when he shows up on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”  Too bad he doesn’t accept a permanent stand up routine with that channel.


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