The General election, at last… As GW goes…

Listening to Senator McCain’s speech this morning, I noticed again just how much he sounded like GW Bush in 2004, with just a slight change of wording. GW spent much of his campaign telling his highly select audience how “we were turning the corner in Iraq.” Even as the violence increased daily in that country. Now fast forward 4 years and McCain is trying to label Obama as weak on national security, even in the same manner as GW had made the argument in 2004 Against Senator Kerry. Senator Obama wants to withdraw our troops from Iraq… Well now, if we are succeeding in that country, why on earth would we want to continue to occupy a sovereign state? All Iran and Al Qaeda have to do is lay back and wait… The same “Defeatocrat” argument that Republicans made use of with great relish to prevent the slim Democratic majority of pushing an end to the war. Well now, if Al Qaeda is on the run, then there would be no purpose in arguing that we need to stay there and provide “support” to a nation that should be taking care of its own. Ever hear of Welfare dependency, McCain?

The Iraqi forces… accomplished taking out… but with the support of American troops. Wouldn’t the argument of “succeess” mean that Iraqi troops at the direction of their gvt could quell the violence brought about by Iranian “Foreign fighters” and remnants of militants without the need of support from American troops? What it comes down to is the slip sliding away of an argument that continually lacks consistency or “straight talk.”

Then there is the McCain rant that Obama would meet this nation’s enemies or even tyrants without “preconditions.” And how well did it work out when our allies p.o.ed GW and he made it plain he wouldn’t talk to them at all. Which guaranteed that this nation would get a major disapproval rating. But it also depends on the tyrant, doesn’t it? How about Putin? GW could make common cause with the fellow who decided that Democracy in the nation of Russia isn’t an idea he needs to pursue. The common cause with a Russian tyrant would mean that Putin would help us on the war on terror even as we refuse to look too closely at his own activities closer to home. Until of course, Putin starts putting war planes and ships near our borders. Which would certainly argue that McCain, wanting to be president, has some peculiar national security shoes to fill. Those left him by a fellow who just happens to be very weak on national security — GW Bush.


One Response to “The General election, at last… As GW goes…”

  1. leftcoastlibrul Says:

    Well said. While Sen. McCain has a firm grasp on military affairs, it does not translate well to foreign policy. We can’t afford to treat them as if they’re the same thing.

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