Obama’s Pfleger problem?

It was recently that the news media played up Reverend Pfleger a Roman Catholic priest who mocked Senator Clinton in a “homily” before Senator Obama’s church. What was certainly no lost on the viewing audience, was how much the members of that Chicago church enjoyed it. The priest’s speech could certainly be regarded as political heckling. But it certainly was no different in kind to the sort of commentary that Roman Catholic John Kerry got for being a Dem pro-choicer whom his church denounced during the 2004 presidential campaign and Roman Catholics should vote against, per certain priests within his church. No one in the media flayed those priests for being purely political in their support for protestant G.W. Bush. Nor said of them that they had become G.W.’s problem that should surely dog his campaign as they turned off the more “secular” voters — read: The people who aren’t as religiously minded as those who vote for the GOP. Yet today, when a priest takes a look at the Clinton shenanigans during the long Dem presidential campaign and proceeds to mock her much as political cartoonists had already done. He now becomes Obama’s problem. Why? He’s the one who spouted off, not Obama. And whether he spoke at Obama’s church or anywhere else and made the same remarks, because of his long history with Obama, he becomes Obama’s problem. Again, why?

I have actually blogged much the same thing about Senator Clinton Whiners in Chief that Pfleger stated in his soundbite with rather comedic histrionics. It would be hard to miss the particulars of how the Clintons actually have run their campaign.  It certainly would not be lost on the same Roman Catholic Priest.  So maybe the real question is not whether this is Obama’s problem, but whether Senator Clinton is up to the task of dealing with division that her own campaign has surely created and willfully so.  Whether she is up to the task of dealing with people who are going to make nasty comments about her should she actually get the Dem nod in their Denver National Convention.  Whether she could deal with nasty ads coming from the GOP through the general election to follow.  Of course the news media isn’t likely to follow up on that as they prefer again to hang something on Obama because he is that upstart in black face.  A leader in this nation should remember that the American political tradition is to heap scorn on the people we put in office.  If Senator Clinton can’t handle that, then she is certainly not ready on day 1 to be president.


2 Responses to “Obama’s Pfleger problem?”

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