Idaho politics, the strange

Found this commentary linked to on the Spokesman-Review hosted HBO and deem it a worthwhile read.

Idaho politics is getting stranger and stranger, to be sure. An Idaho Republican politician who holds that hunger is a great motivation for people to get up and go to work. Now that is probably one of the most demeaning arguments about work that I have ever heard. You get up and go to work so that presumably you can buy a slice of that American dream: your own home, a car, some of the finer things in life such as that 60″ HDTV, vacations to Florida, a Harvard education for your son or daughter. It’s when you don’t make enough that hunger is going to be a factor in what deprives you of the American dream. You can’t afford rent + food, car + insurance, health care + education, then work isn’t sufficient if what you get paid for it isn’t sufficient. That is an extreme callousness from a fellow who undoubtedly claims “Christian” moral values.

A Doug Clark column was also featured on Huckleberries on-line regarding the “bobble foot” Larry Craig doll. That has to be about the funniest aspect of the Senator Craig saga, that after he got caught “soliciting sex” from an undercover cop in an airport bathroom, “wide – stance” Craig jokes began flying hot and heavy, he fought and fought to take back his “guilty plea” and finally decided to leave the Senate completely. Well, that was the best news that the state of Idaho could have gotten, was the news of Craig’s resignation. Myself, I offered to buy such a doll for 50¢. And a $5.00 contribution to putting an end to GOP silliness in the state of Idaho by putting more Democrats into state-wide offices.  Yeah, I am a Republican, and my party is embarrassing me.


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