The McCain pander

I was watching Senator McCain’s speech to the Cuban-Americans in Miami and saw a whole lot of pander in his comments. His speech was broadcast on CNN at 8:30 or so PST. He took whacks at Senator Obama in particular for wanting to sit down with Raul Castro “unconditionally.” In order to elicit boos from the Cuban-American community who’s representatives had come to hear him speak. Problem was, McCain had used exactly the same language about Obama and Iran just a day or so earlier. Embedded in that speech to the Cuban-Americans was the same saber rattling as he gave about Iran. So are we to take it then that McCain would bomb, bomb, bomb Cuba like he once stated that he would bomb, bomb, bomb Iran? Or how about Venezuela since he shook a fist at Hugo Chavez as well. Never mind that Venezuela is an oil producing country whether Chavez is in power or not. But as long as he is, until we have made some very necessary transformations in our energy consumption, Chavez can use his oil as a weapon against this country. He made that a very public warning some months ago. I would, if I were the presumptive presidential nominee take such a warning seriously. And until I were actually the president, I wouldn’t make what comes down to particularly rash statements. And that sounded exactly what McCain was doing.

He said that the American consumer would benefit greatly from a Columbian trade deal, which of course, Senators Clinton and Obama opposed. In what he said, he sounded exactly the same as GW Bush when he attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for stalling a crucial vote on the Columbian trade deal. The American consumer is supposed to benefit huh? The American consumer is at this time:

  • Facing massive job lay offs. Or lacking job security where they do have work.
  • Facing massive debt.
  • Facing a home foreclosure crisis.
  • Facing increasing costs of basic necessities inclusive of food and fuel.
  • Competing with “pro-Amnesty” McCain’s “guest worker” program in support of illegal aliens for available jobs.
  • As reported on CNN business interests themselves are starting to see a very real effect in higher costs of fuel and as a consequence…

That is not an argument that a “seasoned politician” should be making. What it does suggest is that McCain is very clueless about the nation he wishes to be president of. So just like GW, McCain should be given this little reminder, the American consumer may not see the benefits of a Columbian trade deal if it hurts them in the jobs market. The Columbians themselves may get hurt as did Mexico’s citizens if ultimately multi-national business interests decide to look for cheaper labor markets somewhere else. And isn’t it time to remember that a president represents all Americans not just those who seek gvt’s assistance in global trade?

And by the way, Columbia only happens to be home to some of the most violent of drug cartels and narco-terrorists. The Columbian gvt had only been very corrupt. It took decades of heavy carrot and stick diplomacy from the U.S. to make Columbia a “beacon of hope” in South America. Now what is the real story on the situation on the ground in Columbia that politicians such as McCain are not prepared to discuss while touting what’s good for Americans—businesses?


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  1. The McCain pander Says:

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  2. David Brookbank Says:

    I doubt that John McCain has talked to a lot of Cubans personally. I have. If he were to do so he would know several things.

    1) The old guard of anti-Castro Cubans in Miami is passing, even faster than Fidel Castro. In fact, Jorge Mas-Canosa, one of the primary anti-Castro voices and a man tied to the terrorist activities of Luis Posada Carriles, died several years ago in 1997. There has been much that has changed both in the dynamics of the U.S. Cuban community since that time as well as in regard to the politics of Miami and South Florida.

    2) Cubans in the U.S. do not believe what most U.S. citizens think they do. They are not happy with the situation in Cuba. But they do not claim that it is a place where tens of thousands (or even thousands) are imprisoned for political reasons, because it is not. They do not claim that there are naked children with bellies protruding from sickness and hunger, because there are not. They do not denounce their country for being a backward land with no health care and no educational system, becuase it is not.

    Most Cubans are not happy with U.S. policy toward the island nor are they happy with U.S. policy towards them, i.e., Cuban exiles. The U.S. government has done what it can to complicate the contact between Cubans here and Cubans in Cuba. In addition, the U.S. has made promises to Cubans for 50 years and has not been able to deliver on them.

    The U.S. policy towards Cuba is an utter and total failure and John McCain would continue that failure of vision and policy. I personally have little faith in Obama because I believe that U.S. foreign policy is not controlled by the U.S. president. Nevertheless, perhaps the time for change has in fact come.

    David Brookbank
    Former U.S. Vice Consul
    in Havana, Cuba

  3. John A Olsen Says:

    Good Morning…. what a pleasant surprise to have you mention your web site some time just past.. finally got time to click on your name and come on in the door. Thank you for this post and for the other’s i’m sure.. on a run this morning and will be back later today ( or tomorrow) to read more.

    McCain is a very very scary guy… low impulse control.. 1200 pages of medical records/visits in the past five years.. and walking in the paths of other republicans and right wing/old testament christians.. thanks for pursuing his weak points JEH.. I concur in all you say.. and am watching what he DOES instead of what he says ( as if what he says is not enough)

    “Support the Troops” and then so a No SHow for the vote on the GI Bill that would give our troops the option of getting a life instead of staying in the service. Four Years is ample time in the service… Stop the Stop Loss and get a Draft going… john

  4. jeh15 Says:

    That is probably the most intelligent response to my post that I have seen to date. McCain likes to throw up dictators as an argument that well Dems like Obama are dangerously naive if he were to as president to actually sit down and talk to Raul Castro among others. What McCain forgets is that Republican leadership such as Ronald Reagan was more than happy to make alliances with dangerous dictators at the expense of their own people. As long as they weren’t Communistic of course. McCain continues to trot out an anti-Communist line, more power to him but, Cuba is I think becoming a has been state on the Communist threat front. And it may take a willingness on someone’s part to actually sit down and talk to Cuba’s leaders to begin the long process of bringing democracy to that country.

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