Some things can’t be “explained away.”

Kathleen Parker writes for the Orlando Sentinel. She occasionally gets republished in the local Spokane, Washington newspaper, The Spokesman-Review. In her republished editorial, what she said was utterly hideous. What defines “made in America” as to how long a person has lived here, has “roots” here or even how long ago his or her ancestors moved to this country. My own ancestors had after all come to this nation as German immigrants well over a hundred years ago. Settling first in Virginia before moving on to Arkansas, where my now late father was born.

But my family wasn’t “made in America” by Parker’s reasoning today. They were German immigrants who had to over time and however many generations later, to establish their American bonafides as Parker insists the people of W. Virginia argued that Senator Barack Obama had not. According to Ms. Parker, then, Obama is only “half-American” because his father was born a Kenyan. Wow! Now this you gotta love.  Apparently it isn’t enough that Senator Obama was born in this nation, that according to the U.S. Constitution, he is an American by birth. Talk about people who suddenly demonstrate a real lack of understanding of the document that gave them not only their rights but also put certain constraints on government.

Now here is the real kicker, the opposition that those who voted for Clinton had to the whole idea of multic-ulturalism. Wonder if they argued the issue while sitting down to a nice bit of Almond Chicken in the local Chinese restaurant?!? Or bought a jar of sauerkraut at the supermarket? You see, “multi-culturalism” isn’t only as it affects minorities, but also European immigrants who came to this country from every where in that vast land. The Celtic dancing school wasn’t “made in America.” Neither did Bratwurst originate here. Nor did the pizzas and bagels. The American (not English) language is a hodge-podge of differing languages. If we say “pasta” as opposed to “noodles” then we have added Italian to our language base. How about Rodeo? Spanish. Lasso, also Spanish. A large percentage then of what we speak and from what geographical area that we come from, was also never made in America. It came from France, Germany, Russia, China, etc. We’ll find our foods as well to have never been made in America if we sit down some time to a bowl of Borscht. We have been multi-culti from the get-go. So what I am thinking is, that those who voted overwhelmingly as Democratic blue-collar voters for Clinton, voted out of pure ignorance and hatred as a consequence of that ignorance.


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