Political cartoons

I was reading the local paper, the Spokesman-Review this morning, Tuesday, 6 May 2008 and saw the latest republished Pat Oliphant cartoon that took a major whack at Senator Hillary Clinton. As described by the cartoonist, Clinton is literally talking down to and abusing the guy she expects to vote for her. Among other things, she calls him “dumb.” And goes away, after attacking the fellow, applauding herself for her intellect and laughing. I thought that looked about right. Only Senator Clinton could have that kind of contempt for people that she has certainly exhibited throughout her campaign, especially where she lost to her Democratic opponent, Senator Barack Obama.

I watched “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” last night and saw a real funny morphing of Senator Clinton into GW Bush. Well, that would seem apropos too. She seems to have adopted the GW approach to political campaigns.

Senator Clinton has progressively lost my respect the further into this campaign she has gone. I don’t find anything “tough” or a “fighter” about someone who thinks that the only way that she can win is by bullying people. The only support she can hope for is through intimidation. This has been noted by other bloggers as well. So if Clinton were to actually get the nomination, and the prospect of going on to becoming president, we would certainly see a continuation of 4 more years of GW. Not necessarily about new dimensions on the “Global War on Terror” but rather of the worst aspects of GW as in character and personality.


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