McCain’s much ado about nothing

I can only wonder if Senator McCain has ever taken an unbiased look at history?  Rev. Wright equated the U.S. Marine Corp to the Roman Legionnaires.  He explained himself very well I thought when he came before the National Press Club.  That the U.S. had become like Rome in having an imperial agenda.  And like Rome, would it also be destined to fall from being eaten away from within?  This is something to think about.

We have two on-going wars.  General David Petraeus is trying to tell us that we need to start rattling sabers at Iran because, why Iran is shipping all these weapons across the border to kill our forces.  Well now, on the home front, we have escalating home foreclosures, credit card companies are seeing escalating defaults on payments, because of Middle Eastern instability gas and diesel prices have gone through the roof, the infrastructure is crumbling, we import foreign labor or outsource jobs, food prices are going through the roof.  We also have a massive deficit that it is certain will burden the great grandkids.  We can’t afford another war.  No matter how great this nation is, it can’t keep up dreams of “empire building” for ever, before it starts to collapse from within.  Believe it or not, we are indeed in danger of collapsing from within.

Was Rev. Wright disparaging the U.S. Marines who had himself (said anyway) that he had served in the U.S. Military?  Actually, I didn’t hear that.  But, for how long can you field military personnel and equipment around the world when you are running on a credit card and demonstrate no interest in living within a budget.  Either you will have to pay for these wars through taxes; or you make the people “sacrifice” another way, by taking from them the basic necessities for survival.  Rome collapsed, I shouldn’t doubt, in large part because it’s government was no longer taking proper care of its people.  The rest, of what brought about Rome’s downfall, was inviting not so loyal foreigners to build up its legions.

For any man who’d aspire to become president, “taking offense” at what a pastor says, or a protester says, or even what a fellow candidate for the same office says; is saying bluntly that he doesn’t believe in what Democracy stands for.  The right of that pastor to mouth off something that sounds offensive.  The right of the protester to be wrong by what he says, what he stands for, what he waves as a sign in his fist. the right of a fellow candidate to speak his mind, right or wrong, without having to worry about his words being used against him.  McCain spent many a year with the “Roman Legions” serving this country and defending the U.S. Constitution.  So did I.  As a member of the U.S. Army.  The branch of the “Roman Legions” that I was with, we were stationed in Germany, and prepared to defend the west and her values against the Soviet menace.  That includes Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his calling this military veteran a member of the Roman Legions.  Why would I take offense?  I am not prepared to.  For me, the U.S. Constitution matters more than “taking offense” at what a nutty guy says.  If it gives me the right to publish this blog, then yes, he has the right to say some truly cuckoo things about the U.S. Military.  A bow to Roger Moore who governed Rhode Island during the colonial period.

So, McCain, if you can’t stand dealing with disagreeable people, don’t even run for office.  After all, as a presumptive president, they are still part of the vast fabric of this nation.  And they have a right to their dissent because of what the U.S. Constitution guarantees them.


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