The silly season in GOP politics

Newsweek cover story
that Kurtz of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” pointed out to on his Sunday, 27 April 2008 broadcast.

This is this week’s on-line edition of Newsweek. The link takes you to the front page. The article is itself 4 pages long and a comment section as well. What I find so remarkable, is that the GOP choose to make fun of Senator Obama’s remarks about the cost of Aragula at a “Whole Foods” grocery store. I am certain that he was trying to make the point of the high cost of foods of any sort. Because Aragula happened to be the example he used, the GOP had a field day making jokes about Obama and his supposed “elitism.” Be very careful here.

Aragula is a salad staple that you can find in most seed catalogs. For Aragula to appear in a “Whole Foods” grocery store means that it is being commercially grown on a farm somewhere. You are likely to find Aragula on a store shelf or even at a Farmer’s Market booth. The “beer swilling crowd” depicted on the front page of Newsweek probably put Aragula seeds in the ground and then proceeded to market it to “Whole Foods.”

While Senator McCain was pointing to his salad and laughing about the “high cost” of his salad, was he aware that Aragula probably makes up a percentage of the salad at his table? If the chef in question decides to add Mesclun mix to spice the salad up, that is what he could end up serving as the “house salad” or “salad of the day” to the Senator. Which puts the GOP where, exactly? Ignorant.

I can only suggest to the GOP that they start talking to home gardeners, farmers, those who operate road-side stands and Farmers’ Markets before they disparage a useful member of the salad family and a presidential candidate who makes comments about it.


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