The silly season in GOP ads

The GOP have decided that regardless of what Senator McCain wants, they will run Rev. Wright ads that have nothing to do with most Democrats running in selected districts in various states. They will run anti-Obama ads that target local Democrats in most states. Why? Because Senator Clinton gave them the go-ahead of course, according to one GOP strategist on the night of the Pennsylvania primary. Okay. So we can now fault Senator Clinton if she gains the nomination by hook and by crook only to force heavy losses on the Democrats because of her bitter fight with her fellow Senator Barack Obama.

Or we can go so far as to question exactly why the GOP want to trash Senator Obama and at a time when it hasn’t yet been decided that he will be the Democratic nominee for the Presidency. For the Democrats, the primaries aren’t over until June. Why the GOP want to do the bidding of Senator Clinton in trying to destroy a rival. Why they want to do the bidding of the news media itself into playing into the sensationalist angle. Here is a little warning for the GOP. Rev. Wright is hardly the only “nut case” found throughout the American society. In fact I find myself dealing with them rather directly when I post to message boards and blog sites. They often condemn American society. They are highly critical of the American government. They express hatred of American culture. And guess what, the GOP wants these guys to vote for them. So, to run such ads against the request of Senator McCain is to call into question the GOP’s own credibility when it comes to the partisan warfare that has paralyzed this nation for over a decade. You can’t find, GOP ad makers, a better discussion than Rev. Wright? You play the “scary black face” for all it is worth with a likelihood that you will turn off minorities? And that is with no regard to Senator McCain going to Selma, Alabama and trying to get African-Americans to vote for him instead. You may as well associate that “scary black face” with Senator McCain himself.

So a word of warning, those ads are destined not to assist you so early in the campaign.  And if you don’t want to abide by McCain’s position, those ads will only hurt him as well.  Using a “scary black man” against an African-American and trying to turn him as well into yet another “scary black man” is racism, pure and simple.

GOP, they still don’t understand the mechanisms of a big tent philosophy.


3 Responses to “The silly season in GOP ads”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Thats not a Nat. GOP ad, Its a North Carolina GOP ad. Lets get it right. McCain might not care about Obama saying that small town Americans cling to their guns and Churches because they’re bitter! Sorry but this Tarheel is not bitter and most of the people here has a smile on their face and a hug in their heart. Obama but be the bitter one!

    I allow your comment, see if I will get the same treatment! 🙂

  2. jeh15 Says:

    I am fully aware of whom McCain said shouldn’t run the ads. And quite frankly, I made no implication what so ever that this was the National Committee. However, after McCain told the GOP in North Carolina not to run the ads, he himself went on a bender suggesting that Hamas had endorsed Senator Obama as president. That was mentioned on CNN’s “Lou Dobbs tonight.” McCain, not quite the straight talker or morally above the fray when he can find it to his convenience. He gave his endorsement to painting Obama as a scary black guy after the GOP in North Carolina were prepared to do the same.

    Don’t try to put words in my mouth or meaning where it doesn’t exist.

  3. Dark Art Wallpapers Says:

    I love it, baby! Yeah!

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