Bush jargon obscures war debate

I wonder when it was that DeWayne Wickham finally got around to calling a turkey, a turkey when it came to GW, Iraq and why we haven’t left yet for all that we accomplished there. And finally took it upon himself to state candidly that GW’s doublespeak and other obvious propaganda was never anything else. What Mr. Wickham did not bother to do was to yell at the GOP for falling in line with GW to thwart putting a halt to our occupation of Iraq after we had:

  • Put an end to the Butcher of Baghdad.
  • Established democratic institutions.
  • Were the principle partners in the primary draft of the Iraqi constitution.
  • Made it possible for the Iraqi people to vote for the government of their choice. We did what we expected to do and were very successful at it.
  • So when civil war broke out between the various religious factions, why did we stay and attempt to moderate it?

Apparently, GW not only doesn’t know the first thing about handling a war, he also doesn’t understand what it would take to create the conditions for peace, IE diplomatic measures.  And after we put GW back in office to clean up the mess of his first administration; it was also as though we gave him a second chance at the cookie jar or the keys to the safe and told him “not to touch now” but of course he did.  GW isn’t about to clean up the mess of his first and second term.  And yeah, like he said, he plans to hand off the problems he created to his successor.  The Democrats, didn’t have the political cajonés necessary to defeat a president that the GOP were falling all over themselves to defend.  Or to reset the political agenda that the GOP were prepared on a partisan level to thwart.  Wickham could direct his attention to the real culprits here, and didn’t bother.


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