It is Sunday evening, do you know where your politician is?

Watching a bit of local news, and a small town in Ponderay County in Washington State lost its main road in and out of town from a massive flood that first dammed up a culvert under the roadway before washing the road out completely. Going from there to NBC Nightly News for Sunday evening, one of the first issues that the news cast brought out was Senator Clinton trying to keep the fires lit under some ill-chosen words by Senator Barack Obama. At least if it helps her win the primary in Pennsylvania. But, unlike CNN on Friday afternoon, the NBC news crew reminded the viewers of Clinton’s political problems and the dangers of over-reaching. This is April, and voters are likely to forget by November. In other news, Kootenai County homeowners are going to face a ha-huge tax hike because of some snafus in tax accounting software bought in 2006 by the county. Right, it took them over a year, 2006 to 2008 before they decided to collect on the homeowners to the tune of millions of dollars. Given how unaffordable life is getting to be you can be sure there will be a revolt at the polls when Idaho’s primary comes on the 27th of May.

Now as to Clinton and what I deem to be her pathetic attempts to be one of them; Pennsylvanian. Yes, no doubt her father was a working stiff who grew up in that state. No doubt that he was a blue collar worker. But, Hillary Clinton first became a lawyer, and as a lawyer became influential in child advocacy. As a lawyer, worked in the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. She married a man who would soon be governor and then president. She herself became a Senator who now wishes to be president. Given her millions in wealth, Senator Clinton has long since abandoned those “small town” roots. And if she were a daughter of a man today that after 25 years of manufacturing jobs lost to the state of Pennsylvania, would she have the same good luck now as she did some 40 years ago? Manufacturing jobs that paid good money so that dad could put his kid, young Hillary into college. College that was far more affordable then on his wages than today. Kind of hard for Clinton to bridge the gap of time, wouldn’t you think between the time when her father had it very good and now when the manufacturing base in Pennsylvania has simply disappeared.

It is 73° here in Kootenai County Idaho with warnings of overnight thunderstorms before the weather drops at least 30° cooler. For North Idaho, winter has taken its slow and sweet time leaving the state. But at long last, we may just begin to see rain and not a snow-covered landscape as happened just last week at the end of March.


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