What did Obama say that was wrong?

I find it particularly amazing that Senator Barack Obama could attend a closed fund-raising, speak his mind and get reamed a week later by Senator Hillary Clinton: who’s own campaign hit the rocks because of Mark Penn and then her husband, Bill.  Anything to deflect attention off of her own political troubles, right?  For myself, I certainly saw what Obama said as CNN republished his remarks that originally got blogged by a sometimes contributor to the Obama campaign on Huffington’s Post.  I also fail to find what the uproar was all about.  On other blogs I discussed this at length.  I took note of the bitterness and anger that people feel about this country right now as well as re-publishing a letter that most certainly expressed anger through political attacks on public education.  What did Obama say that was wrong?  If the U.S. of A. that Senator Clinton walks in where people are content and being contented see their religion as a positive than a negative.  Who through their beliefs want a better future for their children.  Then a letter appearing on the above link shouldn’t even  have been written. But it has been.  A particular tragedy isn’t it, to use one’s faith as a battering ram against what one doesn’t like about this country, the society, our current culture and education?  So, I just have to  wonder whom Senator Clinton had been speaking to for “faith” to be positive?


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